I don't understand

How is it that frost mages frozen orb CDR tick is nerfed yet destruction warlocks can spam rain of fire and do insane dps? Who designed this crap? They were worried that frost mage would spam frozen orbs yet here we are worth busted destruction warlocks… I’m beyond annoyed


What Blizzard Hears: “Waaaaaaaaaaaah frost mage is too strong in keys”

Reality: Warlocks and Surv Hunters (probably others too) doing what Frost was doing and more and noone is batting an eye over there in Bliz land.


The only reason I’m glad Destruction is completely busted right now is because that’s enough reason to try and get [Frozen Orb]'s nerf reverted.


In case the last 2 (3?) expansions don’t make it clear enough, someone high up in Blizzard has a hard-on for Warlocks.

Jokes aside (or is it?) it’s extremely obvious that there is no longer a class designer in Blizzard, and none of the internal dev/design teams talk to each other so the reasons that Class A are nerfed/ruined don’t apply to Class B, C or D. Similarly, the reasons for certain design aspects (eg: “niches”) aren’t applied across the board.

The bottom line is, if you want to play a Mage that hasn’t been utterly gutten both mechanically and numerically, you’ll need to be looking at some form of ‘classic’ realm.


Let’s hope someone has a hard-on for that new dragon class.