I don't understand how someone like me will be able to find a group for Fated raids

you are able to change your situation very easily.

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The person you agreed with said people that do LFR just want the mount handed to them, which is not true at all.

Nobody has asked for the mount to be crammed into the mount journal as soon as they log on like the tree and chopper were.

there’s lots of people that never get AOTC every single tier…

def not a participation trophy after all i guess?

“oh no im not willing to do content and grind for gear like everyone else, i wonder why people aren’t inviting me”

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If only were something that Blizzard could do to add cool rewards to lower difficulty content, that way everyone could do it.


Except that it’s a content patch… see right there?

So you agree with me then, because that’s what i’m saying, that they won’t take that path, and anyone thinking that they will is exercising naivety.

You didn’t say anything that i didn’t refute, you just can’t read properly.

??? I said that they will have higher ilvl, what don’t you understand??

Start with Zereth Mortis, also find a guild and look up gearing guides. Spam your own M+ key as well.

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Only to get denied for 99 out of 100 groups because there’s 70 other DPS with AOTC and 270 item level applying

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It’s not in live yet because the patch hasn’t gone live. It’s in beta until Tuesday and was changed. It happens all the time.

Because it’s absurd to think you would get a mount for doing LFR.

End of the day they changed it and it’s not going back.

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The difference is I’m not going to sympathize with someone who chooses to not put in any effort to get the mount. If they want it they can go earn it like everyone else. I have zero sympathy for people that choose to restrict themselves from content in the game.

The fact that you need to result to insults proves you never had a valid point.

I love how you say I have an issue with reading when I already acknowledged they were getting a higher ilvl.

How can you tell someone is being spiteful and contrary:

“The text for the achievement in the live game says any difficulty”
“Subject to change.”
“Ok but that’s why people thought it was they could get it in LFR.”
“It’s not changing.”

And yes I know you’re about to link me the TOS.

I get it, things change and don’t change, but that TOS doesn’t say we can’t be upset.

(or maybe not… these threads are starting to run together)

Let me get this straight kido:
1: You haven’t played shadowlands
2: You do not want to gear up
3: You whine about normal raids requiring gear level
4: You are excited about a mount at the end of an entire expansion you didn’t play.
5: You expect to be given a reward for no effort

Parents clearly have failed you.


It’s not being spiteful. It’s being blunt because nothing else seems to register with you.

Are you new to how a beta works? Just because it’s in the beta doesn’t mean it’s going to make it to live.

And it was changed. So they can’t.

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I spit my drink out reading this and laughing.

Ok after this I’m just putting you on ignore because I can’t tell if you’re really this… special or just pretending.

The raids are not in beta. The achievement is not in beta. The Fated stuff is not in beta.

The raids are live. The achievement is live. The Fate stuff is turned off but will be turned on Tuesday.

No. It still says this in game:

Now have fun arguing with yourself.

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  1. I didn’t play because what happens in my real LIFE will always be more important. I came back to WoW because i finally have the money and some time to play.

  2. I do, coming back to so many new systems being lost on what exactly to do is keeping me from truly progressing.

  3. Making one post talk about how it’ll be quite difficult for players like me isn’t whinning.

  4. Look at point one.

  5. Where did I ever said i wanted it for free?

You’re here insulting and just throwing around a toxic attidue.

why do you think you are supposed to have everything figured out day one? you’re coming in on the tail end of 2 years worth of content, its gonna take some time to get your bearings.

Exactly, reason I was excited about the lfr option. Something that wasn’t too overwhelming and fairly simple for me to look at as a goal.

as compared to pugging a normal?