I don't support AOE capping anymore

When AOE Cap was first announced, i was the first one to be like F-YEAH! NERF The Fing DHs! After a whole xpac spent on the bottom of the tier for M+ as a lock, there is a certain kind of satisfaction to see Rogue / DH being shafted with a cactus.

I sincerely thought that i’d much rather return to a CC based gameplay, focus firing game play, gameplay where me, as a caster, have value!

Then i actually started running keys.

I had sat out M+ push scene for the entire xpac. cause my class sucked, so i had just beg/borrow/steal a weekly completion. But by now, i have pretty much bis gear, perfect corruption, good trinkets, and when i RNGed my last perfect azerite trait for M+, i decided to give it a shot.

i have KSM now. vast majority pugged.

And you know what. Doing it, rather than just watching it, gave me some new perspective.

Healer prox pulled another pack… goes down instantly. DH metas. I brez the healer, infernal stun off meta, DS into 300k DPS spike and cleans it right up.

Feels effing good.

Tank who knows how to pull around DPS CDs, pulls a massive pack on 2 min cycles? Oh man. It’s so much fun that i am finding myself doing keys just for the fun of it.

Now, i watched that horrific video out of Beta of that monk in AQ with the bugs… oh god it’s so bad…

I am not sure i wanted to nerf DH anymore.

I am not sure i really want a “CC” styled fight again where you beat a trivial pack of mobs then you go kill the 2 ccd mobs, by now trivial, by themselves.

I am not really sure i want to spend like a good 10 seconds ccing every pack.

More ever, i am not sure if i want 2h instance runs where you bash your head against impossible mobs packs, hard CC things for a minute at a time.

Literal, i went from “NERF DH!!! F-YEAH!!!” to “Dude, aoe cap is the worse idea ever…” in about 1 month, and im now genuinely concerned about the direction of shadowland, even tho my class are not as heavily affected by the aoe cap.

What do you yall think?

TL:DR, I cheered for aoe capping until i started doing keys myself. now, im more worried bout SL than before. ontop of the covenant locking crap.


It’s nice to see someone come around. Good for you.

he saw the light ; let’s hope the devs do the same.


i was on the fence till i saw the video myself. but as someone who really really enjoys mog hunting (my mog sucks i know but this is an alt account) this will kill any motivation i had to do old content anymore.

Its already annoying enough to farm for one item that only trash mobs drop but when it takes 15-20 minutes to do a 3rd of a raid or dungeon its going to be a huge chore.

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In the video the monk could have actually used his uncapped aoe chi burst and 1 shot them but that doesn’t get enough clicks for ad money.

Or SEF + SCK which could hit up to 15.


and for classes that are not monk?


Paladins have consecrate uncapped baseline for all specs.

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also has a 10 second cd

And lasts 12 seconds.

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I didn’t know people in favor of the AoE cap was even a thing!


no it doesnt, it’s 6 or 7 seconds not even the length of the cd timer. and it cant be moved, it stays where you drop it meaning its worthless for more than 1 mob.

always going to be ppl that always go for the unpopular opinion ; no matter what it is about.

it is what it is.


I wonder how many of them are in favor just to “trigger” people for lack of a better word.

I have yet to see anyone give a genuine reason why this should not be for M+ or shadowlands only.

It’s 12s duration with a 9s cooldown in SL right now.

And the video showed like 30 mobs on top of each other so…

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You can’t drop logic on things like this. You said it yourself, this doesn’t drive the clicks…


Well i was going by currently. Still doesnt address the issue of it being only useful for 1 mob at a time.

the video shows the monk using spinning crake kick which is a full on aoe and not a cleave.

(check the wiki, it says ALL ENEMIES AROUND YOU.)

hes not clickbaiting, you are nitpicking :wink:

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did you just call me stupid? Where is the logic for keeping this enabled for legacy content?
And care to share your “superior” intellect on why this should not be M+ or shadowlands content only?

I feel like there’s probably a ‘wonky code’ excuse about why abilities can’t be uncapped for legacy content.

Isn’t this sort of thing usually just gathering up as much as possible then AoEing it all down? In what situations will you be gathering up separate huge pulls so quickly that the cooldown is an issue and you can’t use other abilities that are AoE capped but still able to clean up however many mobs you have around you?