I don't remember Classic PVP like this

I remember those epic 100v100 Southshore battles. Multiple raids fighting through BRM. Silithus raids. Epicness,…

Instead what we have 99.99% of the time are groups of mouth breathers camping flight paths or running around in the world killing 1 person at a time.

I’m so glad people are trash enough at this game that they find getting 1 kill in a group of 10 fun. Gee how magical.

I’d say BGs will fix this, but I’m pretty sure the mouth breathers too trash to hit up the place where people go to PVP most likely will keep camping random FPs in Egypt because they won’t be able to win a BG.

Ignorant name calling aside, we used to roam the world with the intention of killing anyone and everyone we came across. We raided towns, killed quest npc’s, flight masters, killed every single enemy faction member we could find, and if they rezzed within any time until out attention was brought to something else, we killed them again - regardless of level. We camped the IF/SW tram for hours at a time. We did this because we could. That was all the justification needed.

We created a server identity on Black Dragonflight that the world was a dangerous place, and people will kill you without provication.

No one, and i mean no one, ran past the enemy faction like it was some kind of pve server and pvp was optional.

Maybe if you get good at any competitive game you’ll realize how boring it is to camp someone 10v1. Maybe.

Standard reply.

Being good or bad never once mattered.

In short, the experience on a PvP server is different. We want it to be different, and that includes everything from honorable conflict on the field of battle to horribly despicable ganking. It’s all part of the fabric that makes a PvP server what it is .

Let the blood be spilled ."