I don't mind getting hit for a 160k aimed shot, but

They need to either treat it as a physical damage and make it parryable/dodgeable or it needs to be treated as a ranged casted nuke and be kickable.

It’s the most toxic thing in the game that one of the hardest hitting burst abilities is a quick casted 40+ yard range attack that you can’t kick or dodge or parry.

Same for Rapid Shot


to crit 160k your aimed shot is going to be 2.5 second cast btw

So about the same as a Chaos Bolt except it hits harder and can’t be kicked

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I have never hit a 160k aim shot in arena, you might be looking for the battleground forum and protest stacking saltwater potion + berserking.

Paladin goes brr…

https:// pasteboard. co /z8xu7VBGEIBT.jpg

This is full of malware, don’t click it!


phew, i was gonna click it but now i’m not, thanks for the save!

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You can dodge/block shots.

Memeing but tested shield block vs rapid fire and it reduced its damage by like 40%

It is physical damage. You can parry/dodge/block it.

Don’t think you can parry hunter shots chief just dodge and block them


I wouldnt mind it being kickable if it wasnt physical. If it was changed or had talents to change it to shadow, arcane, or nature. Or a portion of it.

You can do 300k arcane blast with mage. So what?

No it isn’t, it’s a picture of me doing a 273K JV.

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This needs a nerf yet blizz still buffs them…Same goes for lock shields

Just reduce the damage to 50% in pvp

Lmao you can do 2 chaos bolts in that time btw unless you’re one of the clueless people who stack the wrong stats :rofl::joy:

It’s time to add a “ranged DR” stat and give half the classes 50% DR to ranged.
Also make die by the sword give 100%, etc.

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