I Don’t Understand BfA Class Changes (I Feel Broken, So I Quit)

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World Of Warcraft: Greek Community Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas

  • There is something nice about getting buffed up before a pull, it’s almost ceremonial. It feels like you are powering up to go into a fight.
  • The buffs also have a social element and make people stronger in a raid than they would be on their own.
  • The buffs also gave some classes that could use some extra utility an extra reason to be brought.

Nice, Social, Extra Reason… WTF! Is he still trying to sell this is a good idea, a year later. Buffs are not nice or social, its like a mandatory button you have to press or people will scream at you. I think the sudden nerf of Shuriken Combo speaks to how a mandatory ability necessitated an unmentioned nerfed, followed by another nerf of a boss.

Distinct Class buffs are anti-social when you force to bring the class and not the player. If an ability is not covered by at least 2-3 classes then it becomes forced. Social is allowing any guildie to turn up to raid in whichever class they feel is enjoyable, not fit some magic meta-optomised bingo card cause your 5% dps short from enrange timer.

A class should stand out on its own, based on its performance, not some gimmick you slap on their tool bar cause you changed a design ideal… but the reason classes can’t stand on their own is it takes Blizzard forever to patch a class.

Fix the classes, not rig them with gimmicks.

(Pantsless) #65


  • Damage of all abilities increased by 7%.

And the winner of the first class to get an “All Damage” hot-fixed after a update is again… Feral Druids. Still can’t get it right, Blizzard?

(Abruek) #66

Posts like this truly deserve attention from the Development team, especially when the feedback is so much more negative now.

This is why my subscription is running out, I’m sorry for the classes that get told to “wait for the next patch”, but as a Holy Paladin the community has been begging for the pruning to stop and to get a word on possible gameplay updates. From logs Ret seems just as low as Shadow and Feral, but nothing is being said about them.

I’d honestly prefer mosts classes to get their buffs back, it makes zero sense why Paladin and Druid were excluded from the three given back in BfA.

(Nyths) #67

I’ll also let my sub run out. This game has become a joke and their devs are not getting it. They keep pushing their points and decisions through hard data. Hard data /= what players want and feel. Very aspect of this game was been pruned as hell to a point of no return. These current devs are the problem. They only see us as data. « Looks good! everyone is in the right direction! » but for us, the players, we have no choices but to do that little content so that we finally drop something useful even tho you already dropped that ring 6 times but it never titanforged.
I watched the Asmongold yesterday and he said something that is truely self explanatory about names of weapons and gear. Will you even remember that trinket name of BFA Uldir in 2 years? Sure you will still remember those warglaives of azzinoth from 12 years ago. This game is now in the same boat as COD and Battlefield. Its actually pretty sad.

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I am confident that adding another row of talents at 120 would have helped not hurt character development.

However Ions logic was that they can’t keep adding a new talent row every expansion. First off this is categorically false. It would not have broken the game to add another talent or passive ability this expansion, especially with all they was pruned and taken away.

Second, if Blizzard does want to look at major future problems with WoW, i see a major issue with removing and adding a new set of artifact abilities each expansion. In Legion we had pretty solid class design, but it was stripped away and they added heart of Azerite system. Which by all accounts is worse.

Then when this expansion is over, according to the trend, Blizzard is going to have to add another artifact system with buffs of its own.

Instead how about just fix classes and focus on class design as a priority.

(Roujeaux) #69

I’ll take stable, complete class design with clearly defined strengths and weaknesses, shared baseline utility, spec specific rotation abilities, and a talent tree that accentuates it all, than whatever it is Blizzard keeps trying to do by needlessly reinventing class design every expansion.

(Roujeaux) #70

I mean honestly, think about this. Why on EARTH would you spend all that time to create and balance disposable class mechanics, then scrap all that work at the end of an expansion, only to start all over again next expansion doing what you’ve already done the previous expansion? Who in their right mind thought that would be a good idea?

Disposable, expansion based gear is fine. Disposable, expansion based character progression? Not so much.

(Turbocharged) #71

Where I work, we have people who continually reinvent their position to justify they should work there. They start a project and the life cycle is typically:

Year one - Start a new project no one really asked for but is sold to management as a great new thing. Management doesnt really focus too much on results because “its the first year” and development takes time and you cant quantify any customer experiences until the project is up and running.

Year two - Customers just start to use the project. Still cant quantify anything because “its too new” and theres “not enough data”. Project team blows smoke up management’s butt during reviews. Management has no idea whats going on and probably doesnt care or doesnt want to take responsibility to actually manage their employees so it continues. What did one of the Blizz employees recently say about knowing if an expac is good or not? “You cant decide if its good/successful until they end”? Something like that. Yeah, that type of comment falls directly in with “Year two” when management starts questioning customer feedback and complaints.

Year three - The project is a failure but its “not my fault” (says project team), “so many unknown variables we couldnt anticipate”, “customers dont know what they want”, “we didnt have enough resources”, “Well do better next time” (sounds familiar?) - the typical shirking of responsibilities. Project is closed and new team comes on. Nothing happens to old team because they are moved to something else so management doesnt really have to do anything about it.

Promises to do better.

In about 3-4 cycles another team comes up with the same above “new project” and it starts again.

This is Blizzard expac class changes. Every single time they come up with a “new idea” for classes but it fails. If they would finalize the base class and work with that each expansion, it would be fantastic. Problem is, it seems like the employees keep coming up with something new just to justify their existence. I dont know how many times they are going to reinvent the wheel each expac until they finally figure out its not working.

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In a recent WoW Developer Q&A they stated…

  • In the last couple of expansions, the team went forward with expansion specific systems that gave you abilities. This wasn’t as satisfying as the team had hoped.

“Wasn’t as satisfying” that was the mildest response to this issue I have ever head, that the spicy food restaurant took away his glass of water cause he clearly doesn’t need it…
… that is why I like your response better Roujeaux. ITS SPICEY!!! IT BURNS THE TRUTH!!!

I don’t mind expansion exclusive mechanics but they are so intertwined with the classes and considering how much of a mess Azerite has been since launch… that is resources they took away from class design. No wonder the “Major Updates” were so mute to being just iterative changes.

The dumbest thing is they took away Tier Pieces and muted Trinket effects so they could standardise their effects to avoid these class-related-itemisation issues… and then invented Azerite out of sheer ignorance to their change log history.

Also in the same Q&A they stated…

  • The team wants classes to not have prohibitive weaknesses that results them in being excluded from groups.

Blizzard… brilliant statement, don’t expect me to hold my breath until you do cause your history with class changes is break classes, hotfix them with a % shift, and then mothball the issue and fix them 6 months later.

(Turbocharged) #73

Whats really, really sad is Ion seems to attribute his comment to the Blizz EMPLOYEES rather than the PLAYERS.

Once again it seems (true or not), Ion is completely out of touch with his customer base.

Maybe the guy is intelligent but he just doesnt come off as having any common sense.

(Eninya) #74

This is, without doubt, the worst expansion for class PvP and item balance. As a b*tchmade class (warrior), I can’t really kill anyone that isn’t alone and weaker than me outright.

Any time I find a rogue, even if they’re 30 ilvls lower than me, they are automatically still stronger than me. It’s just absurd how gimped some classes/specs are and how favored you can see some of them can be.

My class is o.k. in PvE, but honestly, you would want a demon hunter or rogue instead if you’re bringing melee, because they’re just better. :\

Class issues are compounded by how rapidly you scale compared to Legion. The massive stamina and primary stat inflation is nuts for similar increments in previous expansions.

(Beefköw) #75

Arms warriors are instantly countered in nearly all content due to lack of self-heals or an OMG button.

I have to roll fury because I can actually outlive an opponent, and help out my healers in overall content.=


2nd this my brother