I Don’t Understand BfA Class Changes (I Feel Broken, So I Quit)

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My situation was I played my Feral Druid to 110, played my Shadow Priest to 108 and thinking I was pacing well, then I saw a Retribution Paladin walk into frame while questing and waste a trash pack I was struggling with… jumped on my Retribution Paladin and cried at how easy it was… then I jumped on my DH and lost my collective mind!

I just couldn’t understand how if you jump from one toon to another, you see the unbalance… but it took over 3 weeks before Blizzard admitted they need to hotfix a few classes. Then I looked into it, found the June 14 post and realised that most of my favourites were on the “Oops we ran out of time list”

I just levelled, geared a few toons and started doing old content and pet battles… I lost my drive, and worse part I was going to put my hand up and ask my Guild if I can return to raiding after being casualol.

Battle For Azeroth… skipped content!


Unfortunately, if class balance constantly gets pushed back , it is just proof that it is not on the radar as something they think is anywhere near a priority.

If the only few and far between posts we get state that they are looking at how to make changes and 6 months later we have seen nothing of substance, it is merely a platitude to kick the can down the road further and hopefully entice us to keep paying them.

I renew my sub with the remaining gold i have but i hardly play. Log on and do a few quests, chat with the couple of guildies still playing and wait for some miraculous fix to happen.

(Guartis) #46

It breaks my heart to see my fellow players be burned like this. I feel you OP. Initially I tried to voice out my opinions, what could be done on the forums to let my voice be heard, but I’m burnt out. And I don’t want to play on even this character anymore. This was my main since late Wrath through now, and I can’t even be bothered to put him at level cap.

Blizzard, class design must ALWAYS come first. You’ve spent all this time building expeditions, warfronts, raids, dungeons, a new battleground, and whatever else is there. As far as I, this one consumer, am concerned; it was all for naught. I’ve seen none of it. Because the core gameplay, the class, the character I explore this otherwise wondrous world with, is no longer enjoyable.

And hearing about all the other classes that are failing right now, it’s no longer worth it for me to reroll and try for a different character. I’m done. My subscription runs out on New Year’s Eve. This will be the first year I go without WoW in a very long time. If the new players like where WoW is going, then fine, see if they keep WoW afloat. If ever you want the old guard to return to Azeroth, you know exactly what you need to prioritize.

Edit: this was supposed to be posted on my Priest. This old boy is even older though. My very first level cap ding at the start of Wrath.

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Thankyou for sharing your story, Guartis (and your priest that isn’t named but mained)

Blizzard! We just want our mains to live the power fantasy, not be handicapped by bad design choices. When we feel broken, we feel burnt out, we feel your not listening to your players.

The design methodology of classes needs to change, needs to improve.

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Yea shadowform really needed void form…

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I was talking about innovative design, not good design :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish they took a good hard look of breaking a few of the MMO cliques and look towards the design methodology of HotS or Overwatch creating unique heros… seriously the girl with the Coffin look more shadow priest than the Purple Grape Juice Elemental (No one likes Ribena) that we shadow priests become.

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I am the last of my kind. The last elemental shaman in the world. You did it blizzard, you killed us off. GG


I usually can’t support quit posts, but the OP delivered. It’s how I feel right now. The only reason I haven’t quit is because of the stupid boat that doesn’t float.


You hit the nail on the head, been a shaman for long time now and just feel left behind. They have lost the ability to talk to us, once and a while get a class developer to jump into oh I don’t know the class Discord where some of the best at their class are.

Jump into the class discussion of your own forums more for goodness sake. They just don’t care, I had a four week break just before come back and after testing on PTR and the class patch notes all you can say is that they have no clue what they are doing.

Where are the developers that enjoy playing WoW gone?. Good bye Blizzard of old :frowning:


Omg, this comment makes so much sense im feeling a surge of realisation and dread :frowning:

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That’s the part I don’t understand, their comments at Blizzcon saying Its justified to blame them… and they immediately backhanded us blaming community players for speaking negatively of their classes.

But they make no effort to reach out to the players in the class communities. They haven’t asked us why we feel this way (hence my OP), no clarity, no design or issue discussions… stonewalled silence and the 11th hour PTR blue posts. Blizzard was a game that recruited and embraced the community to get involved in the game and now they seem to ignore it, post a couple of tweets, invite all the influencers to Blizzcon and give them a gift bag, knock out a survival guide video for a patch and then go back to their desk and write reports about players being too negative.

We don’t won’t to feel negative about WoW, we want to enjoy it, play our favourite class, live the power fantasy, contribute to our guilds raids and rated pvp (regardless of my skills as a player) we need to trust our class is performing great, and that means WoW & Blizzard has to be performing great in design and development… and it doesn’t feel that way.

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I find myself less and less interested in playing due to just not enjoying any of the classes. Blizzard seems determined to continue with their policy of ignoring all player feedback, so I don’t see classes changing for the better any time soon.

Ultimately, I think the only way I can send a message to Blizzard that I am unhappy is to cancel my sub. Sure, they won’t miss my $15 a month, but if enough people do that, maybe they’ll start to pay attention. I just have a hard time justifying paying money to a company that just completely ignores their customers. There are other games out there, after all.

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And he will pass soon. His Mail armor, shield, and healing spells clearly weren’t enough protection to keep his squishy frame safe.

But seriously, why is this spec the squishiest in the game inspite of all that armor?

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Thankyou for your comments.

I don’t think they are ignoring feedback… I think the executive pressures to just get things done to a tighter schedule means they reviewing feedback way later like after they already go live with an update.

They didn’t respond to Beta issues until after BfA went live, they didn’t respond to 8.0 issues until they were elbow deep into 8.1… then they went silent until Blizzcon and nothing more after that. This breakdown in communication and response is putting the whole point of sandbox development that the Beta and PTR in jeopardy, the beta/ptr now just serve to have youtubers and streamers broadcast content for them, and keep generating news articles on wowhead and mmochampion.

Remember the day when checking blue posts was a daily joy (GC was god), not a once in a blue moon thing to see what they stubbornly decided to do.

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Azerite does nothing to make classes more fun to play, and the base classes feel anemic. The removal of Shuriken Combo with no discussion or pre-warning is just another example of their current philosophy of class design: “whatever we say goes”

(Dirtymind) #60

Which leads more to the theory that communication strategy inside Blizzard has broken down to the point that design and development are not talking to community & marketing… especially given how well some aspects of Blizzcon went. Even Jeff Kaplan couldn’t save his fellow developers from falling on badly scripted marketing speil on main stage!

Your Blizzard, loose lips don’t sink ships, they allow opportunity to spot structural weaknesses and build stronger foundations… its like they rewrote the community play book thinking the last 12 years were not productive.

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Its funny how it seems its getting worse after Morhaime and Metzen left the business. Makes you think they were pushed out by someone/group with new “views” instead of them just retiring.

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Translation for those who missed it: Activision Management (though they aren’t smart enough to realize what they are doing to the game).


Worse is I really do not believe the people making changes to classes even play them enough to understand what needs to be changed. I have played a feral druid for 14 years now and while we have had ups and downs, the last two expansions have been the worst our spec has seen since vanilla/classic. And now after waiting months for a fix, we get another band-aid that is subpar. Why after years of preaching you are addressing our class to make it LESS-PUNISHING would you give us back Savage Roar as a tier 75 talent. This just goes to show you have now idea how to play a feral druid or what is wrong with one. Many classes need to be reworked to be brought up to the level of the “Hero Classes” for ease of play and DPS. Feral remains the most punishing spec in the game and this last patch just amplified that. With the difficulty curve of getting it right, our DPS should be top of the charts, but yet we are not and remain broken. I have lost all faith that Blizzard knows what they are doing. otherwise they would not destroy our ability to complete content for achievements by leaving us in a broken state.