I didn't get invited. Perhaps I didn't play enough on previous betas?

(Daimonas) #1

I always like to have a beta, but I generally don’t play betas a lot. I rarely reach the level cap for expansion betas.

Maybe that’s why?

(Aeroliets) #2

Are you a streamer? A “high influencer”? No? That’s most likely why, unfortunately.


You have to have bought all the charity pets off the cash shop to get a beta invite as well.

(Aeroliets) #4

Or…apparently, if you’re Asmongold; start making a bunch of Elder Scrolls Online videos, suggesting you’re not even playing WoW anymore, but get a classic invite anyways.

(Daimonas) #5

I am an influencer, but don’t take drugs. Guess that’s why.


I always find it funny people get mad big streamers have an invite. Keyword : Big streamer. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this marketing works.

(Daimonas) #7

I always find it funny that “whinners” (aka bug reporters, suggestion makers) aren’t taken into consideration as much as “glorifiers” (aka those that say “you did a great job”, without mentioning mistakes)

Take, for example, my feedback from 2009, about Classic servers. It waited roughly 10 years, faced loads of opposition compared to little support, yet it is happening.

Even still in 2016, when I was proposing it, I would hear loads of voices against, and only a little of supporting. Now, when Classic is coming, it seems to be even more popular than live, and people are activelly getting involved against changes. Despite that when it was proposed, it was taken as an “insane idea”. Funny, isn’t it?


How do you know what suggestions people are given? They have a section to directly submit BUG reports, not SUGGESTIONS. Beta is to find, stomp out, and recover from bugs. That’s it. It’s not a test drive like people think. How do we know what every streamer does off camera?

Also, hate to say it bud but…Blizzard doesn’t even know who you are. You’re another statistic paying money to their Investors. You stand out no more than the next average Joe.

(Primalmatter) #9

We are only on the first wave it isn’t likely to be much more then media invited at this point.

(Daimonas) #10

I am talking about suggestions generally put on the forums. Most of them receive flame for being “whining” or “complaining”, and also for sounding “entitled”.

That’s true. It wasn’t that way before the structural changes in Blizzard. They knew I was a valuable contributor, and would give me beta invites.

Now, they will just remove my posts without even reading them, because some troll reported them. Just like the poll I made yesterday, and linked on the forums, and they removed it for being “content of promotional and advertising nature”.


There’s your issue.

My dude, even from year one they’d look at you and just be like “Huh? Who?”.

(Daimonas) #12

why would it be my issue?

Where are you getting such information?

(Greatbobbo) #13

I drank a gallon of water then used the restroom. I am a high streamer and didn’t get an invite. :man_shrugging:


Probably from this silly thing called common sense.

It seems like as the generations refresh, it’s becoming a lost part of humanity.


I will check if I got invited. I haven’t checked yet.


Yeah feelsbadman. I think Id be a great beta tester. Hopefully I get an invite for the stress tests.


I’m not the biggest fan of Asmond, however, he’s been positive and excited about classic and has been hyping up his followers for this release. That’s what blizzard wants. People to hype this.


I keep reading all this whining about not getting into the Beta. Crying that “only streamers get in” or “Blizzard is catering to a certain group.”

I got my invite. I play WoW as casually as anyone. Honestly, I haven’t logged into my main in BfA since March. I log into an alt and play for maybe an hour whenever I’m bored and have nothing else to do (Doesn’t happen much with a 3 year old). When I do play, I generally do not talk to anyone else and just piddle around for a little bit then log off. Most, if not all, of my friends from way back are long gone from the game.

Yes, I participated in the Open Beta of Vanilla back in 2003. I’ve had my account since then, but suggesting that Blizzard’s invite process is based on popularity is ridiculous.


It’s FAR from ridiculous.

Are you telling me, you think that ALL these streamers just got “lucky” to get an invite lol

Grats on the invite, now don’t waste it, and go find some bugs.

(Daimonas) #20

To me, this is actually whining about getting in.

No, Some of them got their invite from the summit. The rest - pure luck. Some are in, some are not.