I did mage tower, at level 52, proving how mage tower is not difficult AT ALL

of course clark would take a copout and do the easiest one rofl.


Hi Clarkey boy, JW, is there a feature on the forums to block someone? Asking for a friend who really wants to block posts from this troll on GD. thx in advance. All the best.

If there’s not, can you please submit suggestion to Blizzard for this feature. Again ty for your time.


there is an ignore feature, but it’s trash. it doesn’t even block you from seeing threads forum clowns post.


There this could help some. I check legion and bfa world quest to find gear with the right stats. It’s a start.

Let’s say my Korthia gear is less than optimized stat wise. So a good starting point is to get the same secondary stats on all slots.

It’s literally not lol. They spawn on the same timer for the entire fight. Just because you’re not paying attention to it doesn’t make it rng.

Oh really? Blizz says otherwise.

Depending on your dps and how much healing you’re letting go through, the moment you trigger the 65 second port can result in very nasty overlaps. Like Dark Fury triggering right after the Shadow imps spawn.

Those overlaps are most likely Death when they occur, and you’re better off restarting.

Are we really going to prone for a “stop dps and wait” approach like Mythic encounter strategies have ?

For the average player, this will feel like RNG bad luck, when it’s just the timers synchronising to being something nasty because of a phase change at an improper time.

wasn’t someone saying doing it on a warrior is a joke?

Well I finally beat it this morning. It is doable, took me about 80 pulls. Was very hard but what fun. Was so pumped when it finally died


Nice, probably the only Mage tower this guy can beat.

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Sorry I posted that on an alt. This is the character I completed it on. What a rush. Really fun. Doesn’t change the fact less then 10% of the player base will probably get it done

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Aren’t heirloom weapons actually scaled to be good in Mage Tower?


Aww, in the 236346 complaint threads about the MT since Tuesday, I’m sure someone’s said it. But I wouldn’t blame you if you missed it lol.

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Congrats on being scaled? TF is wrong with you and your threads?


I am assuming this is a troll post. But, at 52 you are on equal power as a 60 in terms of the mage tower because scaling and different fights are harder than others.

>Brags about doing imp mother

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Just fury warrior? The easiest one?
All right. Got all the rest done too?

Waiting on screenshots.

Its in your settings. It’ll show his replies as hidden but I think it still shows their created threads. Not sure though.

It doesn’t hide threads, no. But it can hide the OP with no way to view it sometimes so that’s fun.


I’d love to meet the big brain that figures out the timings of a boss a full 8 minutes after the timings have begun their rotations.

“Better not push it for another few seconds or else 8 minutes from now all of the mechanics will overlap.” Yeah, absolutely no one does that.