I defeated the mage tower tonight. My thoughts

That’s definitely not how it worked for the Beast Mastery one. If you had the healing legs (or the feign death helmet) you beat this one in a handful of pulls. Hell, I think I one-shot the Feral Druid one without any special gear because the Legion version of Brutal Slash was incredibly overpowered against the imps.

You can get the base, yeah…But none of the effects. But the base is also the lowest ilvl. There is no leveling of the artifact, nor is it even possible to obtain upgrades. So, while 1 player would be running with over a million AP’s in, with maxed out tree, for a lot players it’d be better to run with a non-artifact anyway.

Why are you talking about the artifact weapons when we were clearly talking about the legendaries? You know, the legiondaries that dropped from basically any form of content from Legion?

Oh, misunderstood you… Right…Yeah, lego’s would be nice.
Are you talking about Legion legos or SL?
SL would be nice
Legion - not too sure. I got a lot of reps to revered, not tmention dozens of raid clears, and I only got 1 to ever drop. A really crappy one.

Gone at the tank boss on druid for the last 5 and a half hours…only got to 2nd phase twice.

I remember why I told myself after beating in on monk pally and bear in legion. Id never do it again…it literally gives me a headache with all the crap happening and trying to focus.

Its not worth the headache for me on any of it…really sucks but the sets are not worth a migrane for me and hours of frustration and wanting to punch my monitor lol grats though.

ikr… To each their own ofc, but I won’t even bother trying to get it on paladin or rogue. I did 10+ attempts on both of them, and I can’t see it happening. Just trying to get it on bear.

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This is true. I played around with different trinkets and old gear as well, the scaling is weird in MT

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I’d personally use the word “broken” instead of weird :laughing:

Small tip for everyone still working on the MT, the computational device trinket from mechagon is OP. It does around 7.5k regular, and in MT it’s about 4.5, while other on-use trinkets do not more than 1k. And you can move while casting :wink:


Well like when it was current I stopped doing the mage Tower even when it didn’t cost anything.

And I’ll probably get hate for this but I think they should just leave the tower really difficult. I have no desire to do it after the 4th attempt and died to shards after popping DMZ and all my other cool downs and using a potion.

It isn’t fun for me but it’s probably fun for other people so, you know what, let them keep it.

There are so many forms of entertainment in this game that appeal to a select few but not to others you don’t necessarily need to have it all dumb down.

I have no doubt, in my mind, it is a skill issue because I saw another Frost death knight do it with breath of syndragosa and not obliterate. Granted he was 5% HP away from dying multiple times.

Blizzard probably has the numbers of people who are playing it and completing it and I’m sure they’ll probably tune it if they see that there’s a large percentage of people just not even bothering with it. But honestly what’s wrong with having really difficult content?

Kudos to those who complete it I don’t care it’s not content I enjoyed during legion or now

I disagree. Mage tower was pretty tough when it launched before we were severely outgearing it. It’s a nice challence and if you want the xmog, you need to work for it. It’s also an excellent training ground for those who want to master a class. Plus, 100 pulls is not that many.


Most mythic bosses don’t take 100 pulls. And that’s dealing with the potential mistakes of 20 people, not just one.

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This is not a mythic raid, it is a solo challenge, and a pretty nice one.

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I did one of them last night on this character. It really just reminded me of doing the challenges when they first released. I think the main thing that irritates me is just that the Legion legendaries don’t work and we don’t have our artifact traits.

I think it’s terrible game design to have removed that stuff, bring a challenge back from that era and keep it all disabled. I realize class design is a bit different now but that’s also their fault.


Did it in Legion, it was a challenge, but a fun one. Getting better gear, with trinket procs, and legendaries made it a tad easier, but it was still a challenge.

This time around, it’s so overtuned, that it’s just frustrating. Disabling all the Legion legendaries and artifact weapons and trinkets makes no sense to me. It’s now essentially a type of nightmarish brute force, without the brute or the force. This isn’t fun. This doesn’t make me want to keep trying or even stick around. It’s just annoying.

Sure, I can understand not allowing current legendaries to work, or even the artifact powers, since not everyone will have access to those powers. But surely trinket and weapon procs, and legion legendaries should still be able to work in there - since they are still available. Even if they were nerfed somewhat.


How much work did you put in ahead of time? Did you watch videos? What add-ons did you?

I only want the tower nerfed if they’re going to stop it after 2 weeks. If I had a year to do it, I’d be OK.

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Likely because you are allowed to use them as it is Legion content so the artifacts will work. Just like in BFA people were equipping their neck for something (I forget what people were doing) but it increased their dps by a lot vs their m+15 gear.

Actually, no. They don’t work, the artifacts weren’t re-enabled, nor were legendary effects.

Well, they are doing more dmg than a SL weapon by a good chunk. Either way, they said they were using the artifact weapon so I will trust what they said since they gave screen shots showing they cleared it.

Let’s see you beat Xylem