I chose the story for leveling, can i stop at 60?

Or do i have to finish the story even if im level 60?

I have done it on 3 other characters…just havent hit 60 before finishing it before…so i am not sure.

Thank you my fellow nerds.

If you hit 60 while doing the story you’re going to have to finish. Least the last time that I was doing it.

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I would honestly suggestion doing the Loremaster achievement for whatever is current content. Once that is done you never have any reason to quest.

But yes your first time you need to finish it. You should be able to stop and do casual stuff though at 60 though at least.

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You’ll need to pick a covenant and finish renown to 40 then the main story ends. This is after 60. No group dungeon runs necessary.

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And that is character specific right, not account wide?

Found this on google, might help some people :slight_smile:

“So what I did on my second character was to level through the story all over again and right before I was going to hit 60 I activated Threads of Fate. This will automatically finish all the main story quests so you don’t have to worry about finishing it after 60 and can start unlocking covenants etc.”


Not universally true. At least one covenant requires a dungeon run to finish the campaign.

Not any longer. When you hit 60 on alts, you may now go to Oribos and choose Threads of Fate, which will skip the rest of the campaign for you and take you straight to choosing your Covenant. :slight_smile:

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Oh okay, when they change that? So disappointing that it wasn’t from the start.

You can now do this at level 60.

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I am unsure when it was changed, but I do know I am happy it is this way now. I did this on an alt and it was very nice. :slight_smile:

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Also an FYI for how Threads of Fate is unlocked, here is the Twitter feed comment from Blizzard:

When you finish Chapter 1 of your Covenant campaign on a single character (unlocking systems such as World Quests), that will grant Threads of Fate to all characters on your WoW account.

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Yes you can, but you have to activate threads of fate before you hit 60, at like a few bars away during level 59 or something, otherwise, once you hit 60 you are locked in.

This is incorrect. It was changed. And I just found the hotfix thread concerning its change.

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It was supposed to work that way from the start, but it was bugged. The bug has been fixed so now any alt that dings 60 that chose the story campaign can hit threads of fate to skip to picking a covenant.

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