I Can't Unlock Dailies in BfA

I don’t understand. I’m friendly in the three main zones of Kul’Tiras (haven’t been offered the Mechagon quest yet), and I’ve established footholds on all three zones on Zandalar, and recruited one from each zone for my mission board.

But I can’t see the dailies. What am I missing? Is there a prequest I’m supposed to do? I’m guessing Whispering Wind, where we head to Darkshore after the Horde took it over.

The quest to unlock World Quests is “Uniting Kul Tiras.”

The requirements for that quest to show up are the following:

  1. Be level 60.
  2. Obtain the Heart of Azeroth. (The Earthen Guardian NPC near the Inn in Boralus will have the quest “A Dying World” to start the short chain to pick it up.)
  3. Complete the 3 foothold quests to unlock travel to each of the zones of the enemy faction. (This one isn’t required if you’ve previously unlocked World Quests on a different character.)

Well, I did get the Heart of Azeroth, I’m friendly on Kul’Tiras, and I’ve done the three foothold factions. I can’t think what I’m missing.

ETA: Never mind. I see what has to happen. I have to continue with “A Brother’s Help,” and help evacuate M.O.T.H.E.R. to the Chamber of Heart. Once the turn in is done on my ship, and I get my Flight Whistle, it’s all finished. I can see the quests now.

That quest isn’t actually part of the requirements, but if you’ve started it, I can see it creating phasing issues. Honestly, I think it’s a bug that questline is available at all before you’ve unlocked World Quests.