I can't post on the forums


I can’t post on any of the general discussion forums. I talked to a gm, he said there were no blocks or silences.

I cleared my browser of cookies. New topic on the main forum is working, but new topic in general discussion and many others are greyed out can someone help?

(Mastadôn) #2

Log out of the forums and then back in. It usually fixes this.


nope cleared out cookies and data also

(Thundertotem) #4

Do you have gametime on your account?


im playing right now

(Thundertotem) #6

When did you add it or when did it renew (if you have a sub plan)?


pretty sure its automatic payments for about a couple of years

(Thundertotem) #8

When were you billed for gametime from your sub plan? If it was really recently, it might take a bit for the system to catch up, plus it might take a few tries logging out of the site and back in for it to kick in.


it was a couple of weeks ago

(Thundertotem) #10

I’m betting your sub recently renewed. Try logging out of the site and back in a few times.



From what I can see your game time renewed on the 18th, so you would be considered pending while that processes. That allows you to continue to play but access to the forums is restricted for now. It usually takes up to 72 hours to process.

I misread the dates on this originally, so I am editing in the correct information.