I can't pet battle

So I was gone for a long time, and I’ve come back for DF. Now i can’t pet battle. I’ve turned off all addons related to pets to no avail. I don’t see the green paws over anything and when I try to click on a critter I just attack it. Ideas?

Update: It looks like I can battle after all…but the green paws are still not showing up. What do I need to click?

First of all, welcome back to WoW/pet battles!

My guess is that you had pet tracking on prior to the pre-patch update and the ui changes automatically turned it off for you. You should see a tiny scroll icon to the left of the name above your minimap. Click on that and you can pull up all of your tracking options, including battle pets.

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that got it thanks! But are there less pets available to fight? SOme of them I know are battle pets and they appear yellow