I cant log in whenever i am in stormwind city

Let me give you the whole story, i chose the other starting area that dreaneii has, i completed that starting area and blood isles. I rode the portal to stormwind, it works.
Then i log out, i go back in. The loading bar stops at 70%-ish then waits 2 minutes, and then gives the the world server is down error. i’ve rebooted WoW and battle.net multiple times. And this problem happens with ALL OF MY OTHER CHARACTERS i literally just became a subscriber and im pissed because im spending my money and this doesnt even log in. I am using windows 10 Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362, ive tried moving my character via stuck character page, i just dont know what to try or do.

This build is a year old, so manually check for updates first.

Can you also tell me where you’re connecting from (region/country)?

United States, i’m trying to connect to ThunderHorn realm

Okay, I know some people from PA are having issues with Comcast connecting into Chicago. Are you near there?

Not even close

Alright, did you update Windows since my first reply?

Can you also add your DxDiag?

it keeps telling me it wont update because it cant reach the windows servers
What is a DxDiag?

it keeps telling me it wont update because it cant reach the windows servers

This may have been caused by the Windows Update services being Stopped. Follow these steps to Enable the service. Press Windows key on your keyboard, type and click Services, and then look for Windows Update. Right-click Windows Update, and choose Properties.

The rest is on MS site … Bling search to find.

That page gets stuck at the redirect
i got the windows update service to work, but i dont know what to do after that

Restart computer…
Should kick the update
If it does not start… updates, select Check for Windows updates. Or select the Start Windows logo Start button button, and then go to Settings Gear-shaped Settings icon > Update & Security Circular arrows Sync icon > Windows Update Circular arrows Sync icon.


Hopefully you were able to get Windows updated with the recommendations above.

If you do still experience the “World server down” error when logging into characters in Stormwind, this can indicate there’s a connection issue occurring between your client and the server.

World server down can occasionally mean that there is a server issue with that specific area, although those are rare nowadays. Assuming that other characters are running around and actively playing in the zone/city that you’re trying to load into, there may be a local issue to your network or between your internet provider and the Blizzard servers.

Try power cycling the network to refresh the connection and if the error persists you might try testing an alternate connection if possible to see if that allows you to load in.


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