I can't equip my Zandalari Tabard!

Hey there!

i bought https://www.wowhead.com/item=160546/tabard-of-the-zandalari-empire

Then I tried to equip it on an alt but it wasn’t avaiable at the transmogrificator.

Does it needs exalted rep to Zandalari Empire to be wearable?

Yep, need exalted to wear any tabard from the last several expansions.

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If you have bought the tabard and the refund timer has expired, then the appearance is saved to your account.
It seems like you will have to be at an appropriate level in order to transmog the tabard for your alt (at least 110 i think, if not then 120). Your alt does not need exalted rep to trasmog a tabard if you already have the appearance for it.

I was a bit curious after seeing this post and tried it on some of my character. My level 1 character was able to trasmog the tabard that I have discovered from all expansions to MoP. Now I don’t know about the tabard from WoD or Legion to work as I have not bought them yet. I then looked at my level 80 character and it still had the same tabard appearance available as my level 1. I logged on my new 120 and saw that I was able to change the tabard appearance to all that I have discovered from BFA. I bought the 7th legion and proudmoore admiral tabard on my main to unlock the appearance and noticed that it was available for that character, but not for my other 120 character. It seems like I would have to wait for the refund timer to expire before they become available for all my other 120s.

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This, though as also stated, there may be some level restrictions due to transmog rules.

Rep requirements to transmog a tabard were removed in 8.1. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I didn’t know the rep requirement had been removed. I had quit playing due to PC issues right before 8.1 and didn’t keep up with all the changes.