I cannot wait to go back to Horde next year

It does suck to feel powerless, that you’ll always be beaten. That might be the “harassment” element. In Classic there’s a FrMage and a Prot Pally that I wanted to get payback for but can’t. Crusader Aura makes it HARD to catch up to Pallies after they gank you. As for the FrMage, I don’t know I lost him. He greedily stole a saronite node after he already grabbed the titanium node nearby. He wouldn’t even let me take the lesser in peace, and I was furious I wasn’t able to get a revenge gank.

I do my best to get over these things. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Being Hunter is the worst of all. Thankfully Spy helps you remember names, even though it’s not working worth a flip in Classic.

situations like these i actually don’t mind because it’s fair competition for resources, it’s more of when alliance form raid groups and camp quest NPCs that happen to be an area with no sanctuary or a patch specific event like the Dreamsurges. Maybe if it was a raid group going around hogging resources that would probably frustrate me a good amount.

Haven’t you always been horde…

Bit late to the party here hmm :slight_smile: ?

It happens. Pvp sections aren’t always as active so sometimes you’re late. :person_shrugging:t5:

60/40 now. I still need to play more Horde to reach 50/50 for total time played across all toons. Consider me “plum purple” for the moment, but I am getting redder.