I cannot wait to go back to Horde next year

We overturned a 5-10 man Horde SW City raid on Grobbulus. I honestly could not believe HOW ARROGANT the Alliance acted in victory. They actually acted like they were something hot. Those Horde we defeated a bit later on in IF and at the IF Tram had guts.

This Horde group got so far as to shut down the AH for a bit in SW. They just didn’t bring enough people, though they had a Disc Priest with them.

Given the layout of SW City in the Wrath era, and given that there’s no Azeroth flying, there’s not many positional options to strike. Even so, I couldn’t believe the things I heard in the channels.

I hope Grobb understands that two years ago in Retail, some Horde and I HK’ed some 200 Alliance with a variable 5-10 raid size, having suffered about 50 losses. It’s actually quite that easy when nobody knows it’s happening before it happens. I give some credit for Grobb Alliance for taking the initiative and keeping tabs on the Horde, but little do they know that I myself have a reputation for punishing the Alliance that is coming soon™ to them. There is a PvP resolution to their arrogance.

I only rolled Alliance again as a favor to a couple of Bnet friends of mine, but when Cata hits(and I told them this) it’s going to be a different story. Grobb is not going to like how I intend to REALLY test their true PvP-ness.

I learned my lesson by swapping to that dog side alliance for bnet friends

Horde for life :vulcan_salute:t3:


That’s not saying the Horde community doesn’t have their faults. They have ways to be caustic, but I appreciated how realistic and sober they are. They’re grounded more in reality. It makes the W’s sweeter and the L’s less bitter.

The Alliance over exaggerate both their wins and their losses not much unlike Terrell Owens.

But yeah, the things we do for friends, or “friends”.

The nice thing is that Grobb has a decently high Alliance margin in pop, so it should be make for a target-rich environment.

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Totally, deffo have ran into my fair share of chads over here as well.

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I remember it was said that the Alliance leaned more to the newber, younger, and more of the ladies, and the Horde leaned more to the experienced, older, and more of the gentlemen.

Take a 18 year old woman who casually plays MMOs, vs. a 50 year old man who played Ultima and EQ for years back in the day, and chances are they would not be in the same faction. Nothing wrong with that at all, but when it comes to PvP you know who you go up against and who you got on your own team.

And I never made any bones about it: PvPing against the Horde is the suck. It’s hard for anyone. Because middle-aged adults who know what they’re doing longer than some have been alive is tough competition.

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Horde is really lazy in Wpvp and that aggravates me to no end. They’ve been lazy for several expacs and it makes Wpvp not worth turning on when you’re 1 out of maybe 8 players in the entire region who’s actually playing and not afking in a main city or sanctuary in the latest zone. Alliance however ARE ALWAYS out and about whether in groups or all solos who happen to be doing the same thing. For horde having “more pop” it seems like most of the pop is just bots.


Yup, typical alliance behavior.

zergs you 50 to 1 by drooling on keyboard, plants flags of ownership

You have xfaction grouping now. I think that would spoil the faction contests. Sad that bots have taken over. Not that I don’t mind ganking one if it’s a competent bot.

Ruin Gaming? Cryptid League?

I don’t believe there’s any cross faction in any casual PVP such as world content or BGs at this point.

Having said that there are still zombie cluck clucks that seem to enjoy zerging their own faction at the world PVP quests which is fair game I suppose.


Lol that’s why I laugh back in MoP when people would gank even their own faction for Bloody Coins. They’d rather do that than just roll a toon on the opposite server and do what I did since WoD.

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What’s a real treat is when one of those supply chests drop in the middle of a PVP quest and you have a tunnvelsion bobs that kill their own faction and end up losing the chest because of it :slight_smile:

You are correct, sir!

Only in the FFA areas.

I didn’t think people still fell for this lol

Maybe that followed from EverQuest?

Did Everquest have factions? I have not played in like 15 years

Not quite like WoW’s faction system, though EQ2 came close.

The self-styled good faction has most of the elves, while the self-styled bad faction has ugly trolls, ogres, lizards, and the ugly elves.

h ttps://eq2.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Character_Race

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Just alliance in general. I play in EU servers anyway, so I wouldn’t have heard of those.

Oh, right. This was a NA affair.

if you want to be friends, stop harassing people in pvp server. keep it off. just meet them saying hello. no one wants to ruin a perfection. it’s not right to gamble either. give it a rest and come back.

Killing someone in a game mode they opted into, whether it be War Mode or a PvP server, is not harassment. At the end of the day, they chose to be in War Mode or play on a PvP server.

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