I can’t play WoW anymore

Another tip, start saving now. Black Friday is coming up soon, you can snag one hell of deal then and I doubt SL is releasing before that.


I’m picking up the vibe that they’re not in the US.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.


What are the specs on your current rig, OP?

The only thing that my rig can’t do is ray tracing since its locked to 20XX series cards and higher. But from what I hear, enabling it costs you a 40% performance hit. Sorry, sharper shadows are not worth that lmao.

Your computer could handle BFA but not Shadowlands?

I wouldnt think there is that much difference between the two

Is MoveAnything known to cause lag spikes, or it’s just because it’s ood atm?

Hopefully it becomes somewhat playable once again when all the addons gets updated properly and the dust settles, OP.

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The engine got upgraded in 9.0.1 to require a more modern shader. This caused alot of really old computers to stop working with this new patch.


AMD-A6-6400K APU w Radeon Graphics 3.90 ghz

6 g Ram

64 bits.

I fulfilled a dream playing this game, I was too poor to pay a subscription before, and every time I saw the epic videos of the players on YouTube, I wished to play this game with the community that I hear so much about …

But I think I came to the game at a bad time.

It had its funny moments, others frustrating.

But hey, at least I was part of world of warcraft at least for a short time.

It heal my loneliness at least a little.

Enjoy the game for me, I will cheer you on from afar!

And forgive my anger moments in BG.


That is what I did, took me 8 months but I saved enough to build the PC I wanted and it was best choice I’ve made in a long time.

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Sorry to hear that, hope you can upgrade soon.

Yeah I had to buy a new computer when BFA hit. It sucked but now I’m glad I did.

Those specs are a tad low for these days tbh. Have you tried toning down your graphics quality?

Not everyone has the money to just buy a new pc, especially now. It’s been a very hard year for a lot of us.


Not a bad way out op

Edit) sry Teenie I was gonna reply to the OP lol don’t know why I replied to you

I didn’t have problems with it until the prepatch hit. Tuesday, I had the freeze ups and lag spikes, but everyone was having that. Wednesday, I had it again, updated a bunch of addons, still there. So I started, one by one, going through each OOD addon to see who the culprit was. The freezing and lag spikes went away when MA was turned off. I am keeping it off until it’s updated.

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wow, just wow. How can you be this horrible? That’s even bad than the worst forum troll. You, sir, should go and seek out help on being a human being. Not everybody can have someone who will buy them a computer (apparently like yourself) every time the latest computer comes out. You a very, very horrible person.


dont need to buy a whole new pc , and some graphic cards on amazon like mine i got for 180 its a gtx 1660

Thank you for the info.

I am turning it off right now - I couldn’t even finish Calligraphy today no matter how many times I tried because of bad lag spikes, it was driving me nuts.

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True but I’m a tech idiot so just buying a new one was less stressful. It’s a Walmart special (HP) that I was able to buy through layaway.

Not necessarily, alot of the older CPU’s are also causing issues with being able to load the game, the OP’s CPU is below minimum specs (FX8300 is minimum).

I understand.

(gives Mechadread a cookie and a hug and wishes him well on his journeys)

I hope to see you again in game soon!