I believe gear should be simple

Today i saw 2 feedback videos from Bellular and Preach, and the points are very valid imo.
It is my opinion that gear should NOT be interesting and if they do have modifiers they should be limited to the type of content they’re acquired from.
Right now the game feels like Systems > Content, and i think it should be Content > Systems.
Gear is a means to an end, even if lots of players only do content for gear, the current design greatly detriments enjoyment of the game for players like me while the other type is honestly unaffected.

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I agree and disagree with you.
Simple gear does not mean uninteresting gear.

We do not need 52 different versions of Corruption.
We do not need 117 different Azerite powers.
We do not need 13 different levels of titan/war-forging.

Gear can still have effects – whether they are on-use, set bonuses, corruptions or Azerite powers – but they need to be MUCH more limited, and a LOT clearer with regards to their use and effectiveness.

And the amount of RNG should be severely limited as well. Make us work for that piece of gear that has a good proc – and by “work” I don’t mean gamble week after week hoping that it magically appears on a piece of loot we’ve already gotten 5x before. Put a quest in. Put a recipe in we have to gather materials for. Give us something that feels rewarding when we achieve it.


Classic is there for you.

While I do think the systems have excessive layering within this expansion, and looking forward to moving past the Azerite gear, I do think the HoA, and how it levels, was something that could absolutely be considered again.

The sources of the Essences are currently deeply flawed, and would suggest that further interactions and ranks were rewarded as a progression system, not unlike Artifact traits from Legion.

The bigger problem is acquisition. It comes down to extreme levels of RNG and luck which determines how much damage you do. A titanforge of 30 item levels previously would not suddenly make you do 20k more dps in certain situations. With corruption gear that is a reality. Why should getting lucky result in potentially a 20%-40% increase in dps. With how rare corruption is now the likelihood of getting the ideal setup for multiple situations is unbelievably low.

Due to the amount of layers of RNG they would need to either make every item corrupt which I’m not a fan of or give us a way to corrupt existing items. This way you don’t have to run back to town to cleanse everything off. Give us an item that drops fairly regularly that we can use to corrupt existing gear. If there was not so many different corruption affixes and tiers of corruption it might not be so big of an issue. Given how big the pool is they should be giving players a more deterministic way of obtaining corruptions.

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That’s exactly what i mean by simple
When i say simple i mean that at a glance on the journal or the questlog i know the piece i’m getting if i get it, and that i don’t need to research if it’s good or not.

I’d prefer something that’s not boring thank you.
Are you saying you’re fine with how the game is designed currently? If so i can say “Diablo is there for you” if you enjoy endless grinding without content.

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Agreed if the corruption system only has the % secondary stat increases from all sources and the util ones like cd reduction im sure it would have been more well received. Having multiple this does x amount of dmg amd procs x amount of times is not fun or needed,


I wouldn’t have minded damaging corruption effects if they behaved a bit like the gear from Crucible of Storms – i.e. on-use effect that does X damage to the target, does Y damage to you and debuffs both you and the target so that subsequent uses do Z% more damage (so, Infinite Stars for example, but not a proc, and it also hits you).

Or Echoing Void that you toggle on, but for every second it’s active you take 5% more damage from all sources.

Or Twilight Devastation but it can also hit allies, if you mistarget it.

Obviously, the on-use effects shouldn’t add to your overall “corruption score” (if that would even need to exist in such a case), but the passive stat increases could still have a corruption score.

I’ll be frank. I’m not a big fan of all these systems. They become too big of a part of a classes dps, tank, or healing abilities. They either make or break entire specs/and or classes. And they wonder why there are so many tuning issues with the classes with these systems. Instead, I think the devs should be adding to classes toolkits. Gear should be the icing on the proverbial cake. It shouldn’t be the cake, the icing, and the toppings. Fixing gears and classes isn’t as complicated as they’re making it to be. They’re just overcomplicating and overthinking everything. Just give us a good base and everything else will follow.


In many ways I agree with you…
I don’t know, it feels to me like Blizzard is trying to re-invent the wheel with every expansion, even when it’s working perfectly fine.
Then they do a Beta test for a couple of months, ignore most of the player feedback, release the new wheel and we end up spending another 2 years further beta testing what shouldn’t have been changed to begin with, only for them to try and find a new wheel all over again.
It’s the only MMO – hell, the only game – I know that changes core class mechanics with such frequency.

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I am not a fan of simple gear. Vanilla gear was super boring. If anything, gear should be more complicated. I’d like to see a return of meta gems and gear that gets a socket bonus.

If wf/tf had gone away without the sad mess of corruption being implemented, gearing would have taken a week for a lot of people. As much as I would like a 9 month break until SL, I would rather entertain myself farming for crazy broken forges.

That’s exactly what i mean by simple gear, equipment that you can understand and know if it’s better at a glance.
Gems and bonus coming back would be a godsend, not only it would give an extra minor customization option for gear, but it would give JC worth back.

All i can say is every “innovation” presented in gearing for the last couple of years has only achieved two things:

  • It incentivises farming the same content repeatedly for a random chance to get something better because there’s no clear end goal in gearing other than a dice roll.
  • It removes any and all excitment for anything earned or won in any type of content or level of play. When i get something that’s not so good i’m like “ugh, vendor/scrap” and when i do get something worth i’m “finally!!!”.
    There’s no “yes!” moment anymore…

And i’m saying this as someone who’s always thought about gear as the tool to get content done, not the reward. It all just feels like an artificial playtime inflator.

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The problem with getting gear nowadays, is that its always going to be met with the reaction of “Finally”. Because we’ve already settled on what gear with what traits you want by looking at wowhead and icy-viens. You are following instructions and all there is to do is executing them as efficiently as possible. Where is the exploration? Early wow was fun because information was scarce. And when you discovered something you found, even if it was rng, you discovered something rare few people knew of. And that was special and something you can amaze other players.

Sadly we can never go back to that, because there’s simply no way to ignore the internet.

We live in a new era, and content of any kind needs to consider that. The current system is Blizzard’s answer to having loot tables and drops from any and all content even before it’s available to players, but for me it’s the wrong answer.

Random affixes and traits (and sockets) in gear are an atempt in getting that “yes!” feeling, but it creates instead the expectation of earning that and having to repeatedly do a content until the gear you know it drops comes with that extra you want. There’s a difference in knowing a piece drops from somewhere and getting that eventually than having it drop but not being as good as it could be.

It’s a matter of being between a rock and a hard place. Being an MMO like WoW greatly limits any kind of excitment from something unknown because of the way it’s designed. They could take steps to change it, and i always wanted WoW to be redesigned from the bottom with a new engine, new systems and basically be a new game in the same world, but i know it won’t because it would be hard and expensive. They could also make the game be very niche, but that’s also not what they want it to be, WoW is meant to be as broad as possible.

This is why i believe, instead of making gearing interesting in the way it’s being done, i’d prefer a thousand more times to make interesting content, because like raiding, even if you know all the spells and situations from a guide or datamining, being there and doing it is a completely different experience.

All i’ll say is i had ten times more fun when the game didn’t have so much randomness in it’s character building systems and performance than how it’s currently. Last time i actually had fun in all aspects of the game was MoP during 5.4