I am resigning

I, Qwertynoob, founder and 9 years World PvP leader of The Guard, remove myself of any and all involvement within the ranks of The Guard absolutely. Do not associate me with The Guard and do not associate The Guard with me.

No memes, thanks.

Me too. :eye: :lips: :eye:

Didnt even know u were the gm of the guard lol

Does this mean I get to have Christmas twice?

ask sloth.

Sorry to hear, hope whatever gets better for ya

Are you leaving the game or just resigning from your guild? I hope it’s not the first.

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I saw you I believe running around on another shaman (if it was you idk tbh, they just had Qwerty in their name as well) in SW just killing Alliance and you one shotted me and it hurt but it was still funny cause i just hearthed in. Just thought I’d tell you It made me chuckle.

I love seeing people do things like that and have fun in game. Makes me want to play more.

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thank you and yes that was me.

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