I am out of mana WAY less when I play Holy than Shad Priest

I don’t know why but I run out of mana REAL quick as shadow, but I switch between Disc and Holy for that reason. Any tips to help me?

You use mana as shadow?

Am I supposed to be wooosh?

Well you use mana to build insanity, so yes

No. You don’t.

None of Shadow’s damaging spells cost mana. You only use it on utility and healing.


I’m guessing you use Shadow Mend too much, Only Mind Blast, Shadow Word : Pain and Shadow Word : Death use mana, and very little

This took me on one hell of a trip.


Are you dropping Mass Dispels and spamming Shadow Mends?

Mana for Insanity generation is really only a thing you try to do in PvP - dispelling and shields can help set you up for burst when no enemies are in range/LoS to cast on. In PvE you should really only be dispelling and maybe shielding yourself while moving or when you need the speed boost. There are definitely times that throwing out a few Shadowmends to help the healer is a good play, but you’re limited to only being able to do that a handful of times in a short period.

Anyhow, you run out of mana so quickly because you’re not a full Healer class. They get 50K mana and you only get 10K plus your spells tend to be more expensive. The good news is that only your support/utility skills take mana though; it’s meant as sort of a shared CD/control to limit how often you can use your support abilities as a DPS class.

I tend to Vampiric Touch THEN I put up my shield and use Fae Feterma (Night Fae Ability)!

But I also use Mind Flay

Shadow Mend. That’s the mana hungry spell that will deplete mana within 5 seconds if spammed. In groups, generally shouldn’t have to use this if the healer is on top of things. In solo content, have to decide if and how to weave in Shadow Mends or Power Word Shields without significantly compromising DPS. Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Embrace should be enough to heal through any damage taken. If not, probably have to switch to Holy for prolonged engagement.

I tried to make sense of this post but the more I think about it the more confused I get :pleading_face:

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I did shadow for one dungeon. Nope, not for me. Holy has the gold and sparkles. Thats what I like. Thats what my man brings me.

It’s a troll post

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No, this isn’t a troll post. But maybe shadow is just not for me.

Shadow, like all DPS specs of classes that can heal (Also known as hybrids) uses mana very differently to actual healers.

You have much less of it, but you don’t use it for any spells in your damage rotation. The spells you do use it for, you cast much less often (Shadow mend, mass dispel, power word shield).

Your mana regenerates quickly enough that you can cast healing / utility spells when you need to, but you can’t spam them for extended periods of time like a healer. If you do ever run out of mana, you can keep pressing your DPS spells without spending any mana at all.

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Yeah I do mass spam that.

You shouldn’t be pressing it all the time, you have to manage your mana a little better. Your entire DPS roration is free, so just get used to the muscle memory of dpsing and weave in your utility spells when you need to, not just whenever they’re available.

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Just curious, are you getting Shadow and Disciple mixed up?

No, but I just feel like it’s easier when I play disc