I am out of here - to the good ol days! [Lots of server history in this post]

Well, its about time I move off of this server. I got so many 60s here and lots of good and bad memories I figured I would share them before departing. I do have screenshots of some of this stuff, but in time some is lost. Leaving it here as a memory of a once thriving server. Feel free to add anything you like. If I think of more, I will come back and add it. Nothing is in chronological order and some names have been forgotten. I tried my best, enjoy.

Darthjarjar ninja looting T2 helm in P1 and going bonkers on the forums. Left the server after that, claimed he geared half of the server and supposedly played from a Starbucks.
Hoof and his guild SIN. One of their first raids Hoof ninja loots Brutality Blade and the entire guild collapses. I don’t know why anyone liked this dude. There used to be a video of it somewhere on Youtube.
Prestige World Wide with there like 9 raid teams.
Prestige World Wide’s GM whispering top members of other guilds trying to poach them into his guild.
Prestige World Wide GM caught funneling all other raid teams items into raid team 1. Caused most of the raid teams to leave and form their own guilds.
The P1 battle in UnGoro between Topdawg, Gumby and Celebrity (Alliance) for Devilsaur leather.
Electric Lettuce getting called a meme guild P1 and laughed at, ended up getting BOTH bindings on their first MC run.
The Eminent hosted ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ event during P1. Was totally cool, their is videos on Youtube of it. Had a blast.
After Rumble in the Jungle, Alliance tried to come to Orgrimmar and kill Thrall. They got shut down, Horde retaliated and wiped Stormwind clean. First major city kill of Kromcrush Classic.
Sambooki always crying on the forums about something.
Samfisher, Grevious and his other goonies always talking trash thinking they were good and then promptly getting seated in world PVP.
That stupid resto druid that would run around in Hillsbrad Foothills all the time and just dot people up and run away. I swear they never left that zone.
Leafyclens or w/e his name was always talking trash on the forums.
SWAMP transferring here and then immediately got shut down and disbanded on their first raid. They got corpse camped for HOURS and couldn’t get into MC. There is videos of this on Youtube as well.
Golden Girls multiboxer trolling Alliance guilds making them rage and some transfer by hiding outside the BWL entrance and dropping in sappering them. Always funny to watch.
Neckred becoming the main tank for Dynasty in P1, then snaking all the good players out of the guild to form his own guild.
Neckred getting caught yoinking loot from his own guild bank and selling it, prompting his guild to disband.
Zebus, the myth the man the legend himself. Wasn’t a good player, but was a good person. Kromcrush’s enchanting source for sure.
Mixes always spamming world chat.
Elder working with Mixes to real world trade gold earned from ZG boosts, and then Elder scamming Mixes out of 25,000 gold during a botched transaction. I personally seen all of the evidence, yet Elder went on. Another character on this server that I couldn’t understand why people liked this dude.
iQ P1 ganking with their entire guild, mobbing and killing people.
iQ not getting any scarab lords as a result of what they did in P1. Horde formed raids and camped the crud outta them. No scarab lords, ended up with iQ disbanding. LOL
Neckred’s buddy from Salt who bought Durabull’s account that had the Thunderfury calling me a bunch of racist slurs because I knew he bought the account.
One of the priests who was in Vexation getting another member banned for real world trading. (The guy who got banned sold gold to the priest, used to multibox 5x shadow priests).
Pals and his goon squad always roaming around the world absolutely dumping on anyone who got near them. Hats off to those guys, they were good and super annoying to come across in the world.
The absolute legend Eelk from Brewskies. This dude was the first adopter of taxi services. RIP to the Ban hammer :wink: (IDK if he got banned, it was a server joke at the time. They even had a message on their website that Eelk wasn’t actually banned).
Those 2 different chinese guys who had level 20 warlocks EVERYONE in Azeroth to taxi you anywhere you wanted to go. Rip to the banhammer for real on this one.
The bots that would be in Ratchet all night long extending the honor pool.
Dudes on Kromcrush who were pushing R14 who did the same thing.
Old Man Gaming inviting me to join their raid team, and then never letting me raid because their team was full. Idk what any of that was about.
Sweettea’s MC and ZG’s. Getting phat loots.
Helping Logmine, who just finished his coding bootcamp, revised his resume and he ended up getting a job programming for some company. Ended up being super hated on the server, but he seemed like a good dude.
Sqk, or whatever his name was (orc warrior), would always make end game runs. Once the party arrived to the entrance he would tell them ‘Oh all greens are reserved for me since I am tanking’. Hated that dude.
Conjured yoinking the guild bank of Phalanx just prior to P2 then xferring off the server.
Conjured coming back to the server later on. Was a cool cat, made good friends with him. Hes that kind of friend you got that you really like, but you would never leave your wallet out near him.
Thebigmeme coming into my random BWL SR run that was late at night. He put a SR for Nef’s Tear and already had one. It dropped and he sold it to some guy for 2k gold. Oh man did a bunch of the raid cry about it - but hey, SR is SR.
My boys Cfn and Cptmeliodas farming TENS of thousands of gold during P1 in Silithus.
Meeting Cptmeliodas in game, and then also in real life since we both lived in the same city at the time. Cool dude, could grill a mean steak.
Ascension doing that really cool PVP event in early P1 when everyone was still leveling. We all went to Gurubashi and the GM had gold and items as prizes. I ended up getting a runecloth bag B)
Kane from Ascension crying about how he never gets loot and was broke with no gold… after he literally just won like 3000 gold in BOE epics <:@)
Being raid leader for Ascension for a whole 2 raids until I realized they were swapping loot systems and didn’t really care for what I had to say. L 8 R !
Beating Incite in a roll for Briarwood Reed in early P1.
Incite being a goat and always selling mounts for cheap.
Incite yoinking that belt from MC, lmao. oh well.
All the dudes in P1 and the warlock Kenpachi who would sit on top of the arena in Gadgetzan sniping lowbies. I warned that dude Kenpachi it was a violation of rules and he told me I was an idiot. A day later he was crying on the forums because he got a 7 day ban for it and claimed he didn’t know and blizzard didn’t warn him.
Akuba giving Creamycove a Skullflame Shield we got from Strat Live in P1.
Aoebot (rogue) ninja looting Eye of Shadow from a PUG Doomlord Kazzak kill.
Usufruct being a total d canoe. What else to say about that.
Welcome glitching ontop of Orgrimmar and using their alt horde accounts to MC themselves to get rend. S W E A T Y
The absolute lagfest of going into Org during Rend drops.
Whole raid buff channel on the discord crying when I would offer to sell buff drops LOL. Cry all you want, someone always eventually paid up. Thanks for the money boys. I started that dirty trend.
All the groups that were super shocked how efficient my shaman tanking skills were.
Mayga and his buddies ganking my buddies in Tanaris, then promptly put into the dirt with my Warlock for HOURS ON HOURS until they would log out.
Whomikejonez baby rage quitting just prior to raid because I called him out for bringing level 30 SM gear to raid.
Phabulous and the True/Bloodlust/Kromcrush News Network.
Bloodlust and the black lotus mafia.
Selling noob hunters their demon kills.
That one shaman who would sit on the rock in Org and do gambling all day long.
Manbearpigg… such a weird annoying dude. Boomkin with Hand of Rag.

Now for some of the really bad experiences…
Genesis GM Zam accused of selling guild mats, causing him to leave the game. I miss ya bud.
Durabull, GM of Vexation, getting undermined by his officers and forced to disband the guild in P2 while we were top 5 on the server.
Officers of Vexation, current leadership of The Next Episiode, caught manipulating the wish list loot system they were using behind the scenes to funnel gear into their friends hands. Begged us not to leave after they were caught.
Neckred calling me a bunch of homophobic and racist slurs because he died in a BRD run at level 52.
Neckred later begging me to join his guild and apologizing because his guild desperately needed healers.
Main tanked for Primordial raid 2, passed OSG to the offtank since he was fury prot (fury prot wasn’t main stream yet). Got burned out and missed one raid and the raid leader refused to let me come back because me missing one raid ‘crippled the raid team’.
GM from Primordial (knew the guy since TBC, he was our guilds MT back then), trying to get me to collect inspect parts for his Scarab Lord for the good price of 5g per 200 parts. What a friendly discount to someone you have known for over a decade! :expressionless:
Joining Peak WoW, great dudes. We merged with Peak Power a week later. Then disbanded 2 weeks after that due to couldn’t fill raids. Good dudes, very fun to be with for the short time I was in the guild.
Inertia officer Bob deathrolled me for 250g in BWL, then refused to keep rolling once we hit 2 (his roll) and said he didn’t even have the gold he was just trying to get mine.
Inertia guild changing their entire loot system from DKP to Loot Council once I hit top DKP slot and stated I wasn’t spending any DKP until that hit trinket from BWL dropped. Noticing I was going to take it, the leadership switched to Loot Council so I wouldn’t get it.
Salfa, Interia GM’s Wife, always funneling gear to her ele shaman and making priests and druids buff and innervate her so that she could gloat about how amazingly mediocre her dps was. So annoying.
Hungo, hunter from Inertia, strikes a deal with me (He gets all the T2 and I get the next xbow drop). Xbow dropped and he yoinked it. Finally after 3 months of not seeing any T2 pants drop off rag, they finally drop and I won them. He begged me for them and offered me a whole 100G FOR THEM! What a guy! And then immediately began crying to the officers and quit the guild afterwards when I wouldn’t let him have it.
Inertia ends up disbanding because they were absolute goons and the leadership refused any advice or raid help from anyone outside of their inner circle. Chkz ran the raids and didn’t know what he was doing and just talked down on everyone. They never could clear AQ40 LOL.
Joined Insanity and it was great at first! I helped them fill any position they needed since I had one of every class.
Insanity GM, Envy, benched my warrior (main character) because I died twice due to circumstances that were out of my control (Getting MCd on the first boss AQ40 and rogues killing me with bladeflurry).
Envy striking a deal with me. I would heal until we get Naxx cleared, in exchange once we have Naxx cleared I would swap my warrior in for 4Horseman for a chance to roll on Ashbringer. After we cleared Naxx he refused to let me warrior swap in, then eventually told me I would not be able to bring my warrior in and they were planning on selling Ashbringer - REGARDLESS of the deal we made, because who cares about the people that help you raid and who cares the deals made as long as you get gold. Frig Insanity and Frig Envy.

Whelp, hope you enjoyed this little leap through time.


Imagine writing a novel about Kromcrush and not even mentioning Green Parsers Club. You are clearly a casual Kromcrusher.

I went into that discord channel a few times, but I could feel my IQ being sucked out of me stepping in there. So I guess thanks for adding that here.

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never forget the spergfest that was incite, heard he had a mental breakdown and dipped rip

By friends <3