I am looking for the name Theseus, on Bloodsail buccs

All in the title, if you have Theseus on Bloodsail or Myzrael, please contact me. I have wanted this name for so damn long and I can not get it on any of the servers.

Just wait until launch and buy it from them then?

You won’t be able to get Theseus, but you can get Theseuseeses, and then slowly remove pieces until it’s indistinguishable from Theseus.

And at that point, it’s basically the same thing.

I desperately hope it’s going to be used by a tauren, purely for irony.


I see we have a philosophy student in the room!

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Dive on one of these new realms early and get the names you want

That…is classic no pun intended
I been rocking the name for as long as I can remember and I have never gotten it on WoW. right now I am going with Aztheseus but that just is not the same.

Back in college, when I was required to take a non-science class, I usually took philosophy or history.

Never was I a student, but for ever I shall be an admirer of revolution and anarchy.

I thought all the cool kids just put a couple xs in front and back of names they couldn’t get, extra cool points for accent marks and umlauts etc. Ballers do the lower case x then ipper case x.

I actually feel like an accent in the name Theseus makes it more genuine, those xX ballers stayed on starcraft 1 in hopes of finally winning a war zone.