I am "Freshing" in BC

Sure, I’ll clone my Classic “main” just to connect with my Classic Friends moving onto BC, but I plan on going Horde, this time around and recreating my Charmed Characters as Belves.

I plan to “fresh” every Era, as they come and just keeping the Characters I leveled in a certain Era, in their respective Eras. How about you?

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You know my stance. I hope for entirely fresh servers without boosts or cash shops.

So with that in mind - I have a whole group of folks looking to move in on the fresh scene… If not I will likely still do a fresh character, but it will be a lot less exciting.


And, you know my stance. This isn’t going to happen. You’ll get your NEW Servers, but they won’t be Boost free nor transfer free.

That’s the attitude. Take your own charge!

I disagree with that. I doubt the Leveling World is going to be completely empty of Levelers. Especially since, you can’t even boost a Belf nor Draenei, anyway.

I plan on moving to BC…and keeping every character I have in BC Era (except for one or two death knights eventually), for my part.

Not even touching anything later than WotLK, and not touching WotLK much.


No. What’s that??

Either, you’re being sarcastic or genuine.

I’ll respond to this, as if you’re being genuine, the person I was replying to, I’m talking to them in a different thread. So, it’s an inside conversation between them and me. But, our conversation isn’t hard to find. Just research hard enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Rerolling to Shaman, but I don’t plan to start from scratch. I already have 5k~ to feed it and weapons while leveling.

Leveling my second warrior right now for BC. Plan to also level an alt a month or two after BC releases. No plans on cloning characters to classic forever realms really.

Well, sort of fresh?

Liks has been mentioned by Esperia, I will roll a new shaman and feed him mats for JC and armor and weapons along the way.

No plans whatsoever to keep any toons in Classic Era. As grateful for it being here, I won’t even look back in the rear-view mirror.

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I am not able to read so how can I do research??

I lack a high level classic character so I’m just gathering low level crafting materials.
That is about all of a “head start” that I need :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t like it when you say you’re “freshing”. Doesn’t sound right.

I’m “freshing”. ewwww lol

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He’s a fresher.

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So, you are being sarcastic, got it.

What else would you like it yo be called?

That sounds like what the creepy 30 year old says when he goes to a high school party…

Bigger ewwwwww! :scream_cat:

I’m thinking, “Yo, dis Piper and I’m goin’ fresh fresh y’all!”

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The “fresh” chasing has been happening in the pserver scene for many years and let me tell you… the high never lasts long. You’ll always be chasing that freshness and you’ll never be satisfied.

Oh, I’m not expecting a “fresh” economy, level 1s, naxxless gear players, etc.

I’m doing a personal “fresh” which is different than trying to force everybody else to do it with me.

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I’m going to make a fresh alliance warrior on a separate server just to have a project.

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