I am afraid how hard its going to be!


Nothing hard about classic, sorry to tell you this heartbreaking news. Wasn’t even hard in 2004…

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Perfect example of delusional vannila propaganda.

Playing at the top end of retail is more grindy and more difficult than classic .

Computers and internet are also lightyears ahead.

Yall have clearly never seen a korean mmo where one can play for 10 years and never get close to level cap.

Gonna be fun watching all of you claiming blizz made classic to easy , stay salty cupcakes.


That wasn’t fixed until WoD or Legion I believe.


This reminds me… must go practice my chain dance. :wink:


Ahh we don’t have misdirect in Classic. That is a lvl 70 BC spell.


Fortunately, retail is right there waiting for these people.


I forget if hunters had in-combat traps in 1.12 ? For a long time they didn’t. Had to place your trap before the pull… or FD/trap, and then hope the pull didn’t go south before the cooldown on FD was up :rofl:


I was far from an elite player in Vanilla and my pug dungeon runs were smooth for the most part.

Of course, building a friends list of good players for dungeons was a top priority back then and will be again.


Yum, salty cupcakes!

Agreed. Everybody won’t win. Your success is based on the people around you. If you are naive and complacent because of your previous experiences in retail, you will likely struggle until you come to the realization classic won’t be just about you. Be kind, offer help and have fun.

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This is why I stopped tanking. Don’t need that fustration. At least healing, I could just let them die out of spite.


If you die ina dungeon it’s usually due to one of three things:

  1. You are trying it at the lowest level it is available to you and maybe should level up a little before trying it again.
  2. You need better gear. Are you in low level greens? Whites? GREYS?!?!
  3. You went in with a group of people who were also undergeared and too low level or who were unskilled, or didn’t know the dungeon well enough, or something else wrong with your particular group of people. Come back with a different group later.

Unlike Retail WoW, success in a dungeon in under 15 minutes is not guaranteed. It’s an actual accomplishment and can take a while.


I look forward to this. People will have to remember the skill of pulling correctly, speed running through instances won’t be the norm - how I hate chasing someone just pulling everything. Having content be a challenge again at low levels is interesting to me.


One solution to that is to initially pull the pack back as far as you can so that when something runs it can’t run into another pack, but sometimes it happens anyway in a tight spot. If you know which mobs run they can be CC’ed then burst down fast.


The pain of having the entire dungeon running at your face.

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That might have been fixed. I jumped off a cliff during the stress test and my pet teleported to me, or at least I think it did.


Double checked. You are correct. My bad. Forgive me, it’s been 15 years. :slight_smile:


Well. A lot of us know what we are doing now, in contrast to 2006.

Its not hard to find an alternate route


IMO, I think the fact that Vanilla was way harder made it funnier than retail. I remember the princess in maraudon being a real pain in the neck and sunken temple used to be way harder too.

Leveling was also slower and the ride was more enjoyable. You spent more time in the world, discovering everything and doing world pvp, running around attacking the other faction’s cities, rather than just queue up for instances and wait to reach max level to do bgs and raids. Flying mounts kinda killed the need to run around and see the world.

I think WoW classic will be pretty interesting and fresh.


I mean, not YOUR face, exactly… YOU can feign death… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Vanilla WoW isn’t really that hard. Vanilla is not a “Dark Souls” game (although you will die a lot), it is just a much sloooower game. The “RPG” in “MMO-RPG” actually has a focus in the gameplay. Do not be afraid of failing because “the game is too hard.”