I am absolutely flabberghasted by these changes

I was loving the class last two seasons. I cannot understand how these changes were allowed through. It’s like they went in and intentionally tried to make the class more clunky. All they had to do was buff the values a bit, the rotation and overall gameplay last season was a ton of fun. I’ve tried a version of my old spec and it’s just clunky, the fury generation is all off, Inertia just forces you to have to use fel rush even more often.

I’m not the only one that feels this way. I saw a bellular video today in which he was saying “The DH community seems happy about the changes” saying how it’s a “a universal win for the class” or whatever… It only goes to show how little him and his team actually play this game. They report on things they know nothing about.

Revert the changes please, give us our class back. Also, please fix Frost DK ffs.


The “streamer community” is always way off on DH because none of them actually play DH. I agree with your post, i’m not a fan of the changes. Lot of DH are not.


that’s interesting because my arena partner said that DH is back to normal now


Ironic since most of the DH streamers I’ve seen (1) like the changes overall, and (2) have a heck of a lot more experience on DH than you do.


nah most havocs that arent recent rerolls hate current and havent enjoyed it since SL honestly.

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Yet you can always find havoc DHs in top keys crushing it. Each and every season.


it has way too many damage sources now
i mean ok maybe it shouldn’t be the 2 button spec
but they really went overboard with it


cool beans, I’m literally talking about a season that hasn’t started yet, the set bonus in 10.2 forces you to play some wack throw glaives build. I’m not talking about what the last 2 seasons where OTHER than where I said I loved them last 2 seasons.

Its not streamers who ruin DH its mods at Fel Hammer discord where our dev hangs out, they push for more and more Dh complicated playstyle because they dont want to play spamy chaos blade build for reset of eye beam, their words not mine

Inerta is even more agressive than momentum it forces u to fel rush at specific moment, momentum was at least letting u fel rush at your own pace

Best u can do is jump ship to another class, dev made it clear this is what he envisions havoc to be a moving dps and thats it.

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You realize DH has been the best dps throughout all of the 10.2 testing right? And they haven’t gotten any nerfs… You just look silly. Treat throw glaive like a dot and you suddenly aren’t here whining.


I wish they would kill essence break and extend the inertia buff to 10s. I really don’t like trying to line up inertia with essence break and eyebeam every 40s. Might be easier to just keep the momentum buff up and do the ole vr esse break instead

I think the changes are good. It seems fun and now I feel like I have more options. I m coming back to the game due to those changes being implemented.
I think the dev did hit some of the issues that DH community had problems with. I know all is not fixed or addressed but Im more positive about the class now.

Its worth to mention that DH dev is pretty open for feedback on discord or at least it seems that way.

I did not like the previous DH havoc. It was very limited and locked down to one playstyle.
Im surprised that u enjoyed it. I had an impression that DH in majority agreed that DH needed some work therefore resulting in current changes.


Well, my 435 VDH is tankier than my bear was last week, so you have that going for you.

Have you looked at the set? You’re looking forward to playing a clunky throw glaive centric spec? I’m not. The old spec is no longer even accessbile for people who want it, they changed everything in a way that its literally not even possbile due to the set. It’s terrible.

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Me as well, i do not care for the changes at all, I liked to use glave toss for low level stuff etc. it is not as fun now, DH is the only reason i even play this game anymore, and they are one their way another going to make the class even less fun. I don’t understand if the dev teams even play this class. bleh.

yeah exactly I have no faith that anyone at blizz has even tried this spec themselves compared to before. The fel barrage / glaive tempest choice node was a lot better than taking away one of the best talents we have for fury generation. I don’t understand what they were thinking. Then ontop of that…they pidgeonhole into the spec because of the set bonuses on the new tier…

Why does blizz keep trying to force gameplay we don’t like? Who TF likes throw glaive? Nobody that’s who. Throw glaive is meant to be a pull ability or an ability to slow people in PvP. That’s it. If you’re trying to force it into any form of core rotation, then you’re playstyle is degenerate. Sorry not sorry.


I’m loving the changes


I am going to give the new inertia build more of a chance in PVP, but so far, I prefer the far simpler eye beam build from S2.

I am hoping the non-inertia build gets buffed as the inertia/fel rush gameplay seems to be very polarizing among DH players


I don’t play PVP anymore, but the eye beam build is not viable s3 due to the new set bonus, IMO. Fury starvation is also real, chaos theory is now locked behind a choice node in a crappy spot, and critical chaos is in a crappy spot too.