I’m scared of transition

From ven to kyrian.

The spheres of harmony leggo looks amazing.

To amazing.

That I’m afraid they may nerf it and all I did was give up my fancy tea parties.

Anyone else feel that way ?

the good news is you can always switch back…

I went all on on Kyrian…

Although I find a lot of M+ groups wanting a venthyr

Yah it’s just ur renown climb ….

It take 2-3 days to get back 45 dont worry for that

Yeah, renown catch up is pretty fast now.

How exactly does the Renown catch up work now?

Dungeons, raiding, etc. The higher the difficulty the more chance of renown you get.

Yep. I randomly decided to play my Druid with some friend’s alts this last weekend, and went from 22 to 48 in a couple days.

Basically all I did was a M0 world tour (SUPER fast now if you have even just covenant gear), 5 M+ dungeons (up to 11), my covenant assaults/campaign, and the weekly quests.

Now I wouldn’t expect everyone to do that on a Saturday, but you can easily do that + more in a week. And it catches you right up to current cap, so swapping really isn’t bad.