I’m confuse. So no RDF?

My tin foil is this has a really “fun” monkey paw or 2. they like leaving this out of any code till release.

Since wowhead and others are really good at picking out all those details.

I’d like to be wrong ofc. Its just blizzard has put in so many monkey paws over the years its expected at this point.

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And you are telling me this why exactly?

Last time they had patched in the character copy for classic and did some cross server tech the servers got royally screwed up so I’d bet they’re trying to figure out how to deploy a cross server functionality without repeating that.

Maybe – I was just answering the original question as to when it was avail to test is all I was doing.

They need time to somehow detach their Mythic dungeons from being used with RDF.


no there’s work yet to be done on it, for everyone that thought “it was already in the game so they just have to flip a switch and it’ll work” in software development it is ALWAYS more complicated than that.

It’s not in this ptr But it is coming I think they said next week or something like that ?

Aka Not this PTR phase But I believe the next one icc is big So there’s going to be a couple weeks of testing.

They said that the Gamma ICC dungeons won’t have any additional mechanics or hp/damage buffs though, so surely that means we’ll be able to queue for gamma dungeons, right? Unless the monkey paw is that RDF is for normal mode dungeons only.

I’m sorry, they what? lol.

First time I’m hearing of this and that made me laugh out loud.

The forge and anvil still being missing in Wintergrasp since one of the early updates seems minor in comparison.

If it’s difficult it’s only because they have a million versions of each dungeon.

I wish that didn’t exist or rather I hope RDF isn’t link to those so I do not have to deal with them all I want is to do normal heroic I do not care about those beta gamma Heroic+

Well hopefully they just make it an entirely separate queue.

Then don’t queue for them.

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If they are not in separated queue that will be hard that is what I mean.

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I agree, but that’s why I said both of those things in the same reply.

I personally don’t care about regular heroics, but I know lots of people do, yourself included. So hopefully they’re separate.

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I saw and I agree, it would be such a chaotic thing to queue for a random heroic and then see people argue over heroic+ options.

If they do make it separate maybe I would try it once I’m better gear, I just do not want to be carried in dungeons.

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However when Beta was introduced they updated the LFG tool to have a separate system for Heroic, Alpha and Beta. So based on that it’s pretty safe to assume they’ll be separate.
But we won’t know until it’s up on PTR.

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Not quite ready?

Sorry but hard to believe that.
It is an obvious lie.
Being blizzard, it is what they do.

Firstly, I was just repeating what they stated.
Secondly, I get it – it is totally more fun and in fashion to believe lies than accept anything as the truth.

It will be on the PTR when it gets there.

They havent started testing on it yet. While the PTR is up not everything is released and tested at once. Its not actually on the PTR yet.

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