I’m a horrible Brewmaster

I don’t get it. I’m 220 I’ll - not great but not that bad. I get wrecked in 10s, though. I dunno if I’m purifying at the wrong times or not using my Celestial Brew effectively…. But I feel so squishy. It’s no fun.

I really want to want to play my monk because there is a lot I like about it…


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I don’t know the IL recommendations for 220, but generally make sure your breath of fire is on targets hitting you for the 5% damage reduc. Purifying brew before Celestial brew always, you can generally always have it every pull. Sweep & use ring of peace to kite them out, no reason in taking unecessary damage, especially since majority of your damage will be keg smash, so you can just space it out and avoid damage. Watch andybrew for more clear understanding of this stuff.

Appreciate the reply. I’ll check out andybrew and put the ideas into practice.

If you have logs too, I can take a look at it and give you an idea of where to improve.

I’m sure there are things you can be doing better, as is true for just about everyone. That aside, 220 ilvl is pretty low atm. That level of gear drops in 5s, and is less than the weekly minimum reward from 2s.

Getting more gear will absolutely help going forward! You could have less than ideal trinket setups, an over abundance of haste, awkward talents etc. Maybe posting on your monk could help to that end?

Also, definitely check out peak of serenity’s website and discord. They’re incredibly valuable and indispensable resources for all things monk. They really can’t be beat as far as tips and advice goes.

massages your shoulders

It’s gonna be ok we’re here now. Probs be good to post on your monk so folks can help you with gear / spec etc, unless you have a very specific question.


Everyone around here knows how much you love your haste. We also know you make it work :wink:

(Very low ilvl that’s all haste is probably a bad call though >.<)

Oh god it hurts so bad to be all haste mo vers. This season I lucked put with gear and got pretty much all bis early.

The only thing stopping me from wanting to push 20s is I feel so bad about my shoddy internet connection, and no one seems to be able to fix it without drilling a bunch of holes from the garage to my room to run a direct line. And I dont exactly know how to explain to my immigrant boomer landlords “no, you see, I’m a tank in this videogame, and even a 14 second disconnect will cause me to get yelled at real bad, so I need to drill holes in the house”

The best way to get feedback is to record a key with OBS or something and install an addon that shows what keys you hit for the viewer. I’d be happy to help if you have that. It’s the only way to get specific feedback on what you did wrong rather than abstract, general suggestions.

Great replies all. I’m currently on my phone and it won’t let me change to my monk for whatever reason…

I will say my haste is low - 10ish. Someone brought up the fact that 220 is pretty low. I hadn’t even thought about that really since I had been playing mostly in S1. It’s a great point.

One thing I love about my monk is the community with really appreciate all the replies.

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Great posting guys. Hit the showers.

Haha, I’ll post in my Brewmaster when it lets me.

I keep coming back to my monk. I really, really enjoy the overall feel of all three specs. Mist weaver is probably my favorite healer. In BFA I was having pretty good success as Brew, but something changed. I don’t know if I’m not kiting enough because I’m used to this guy or what.


Here’s my brew. Finally let me change.

I have to say that things have been going quite a bit better. I’m working my way to KSM and feel much tankier. It kind of “clicked” with me I guess.

I have ran DoS so many times hoping for the tank trinket but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards…. So frustrating.

If you can, try to replace those trinkets. (yes, ideally you want the Shard from raid and/or bloodscale) but literally any trinkets are better than those. The bottled toxin severely underperforms and the speed loss from the stone shard is a big hindrance to a mobile tank. (as well, monks just don’t benefit from extra armor. We take physical damage just fine, it’s magic damage that swipes us)

BTW, the Shard of Anhylde’s Shield punches WAY above its weight level, even the LFR version is fantastic. seriously worth doing one LFR per week to try for it.

Also, to feel more tanky, look for crit / vers gear where you can. Mastery is… meh. It’s an “ok” stat but no reason to stack it.

Also consider taking Dampen Harm for the level 40 row. It’s a nice defensive CD with a relatively quick recast.

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Bob n Weave is a good beginner ability to teach you how stagger works compared to other tanks, but yeah, dampen harm is Brew 201

Idk if it’ll help, but from the perspective of a healer whenever I play with a brewmaster I really notice when they utilize all their mobility tools to kite and it’s really helpful for when I need to heal them. And also when they have a bit more gear :wink:

Flexes in Decanter of Endless Howling + PVP Badge

How often does howling proc? I got a heroic one the other night. RDM is nice on tyrannical weeks when I want to do bigger trash pulls, and I like the idea of a big primary boost, but it’s all about Dat Uptime Tho

Also curious if RDM can proc decanter

I have no idea, I just run it as my goto PVE trinket since its mythic, it honestly feels really good in its windows.

Agi in general is just nice though, I’m a insignia abuser in PVP for years lmao

I should also mention I play brew with like 10% haste. I’ve never been one to “conform to the meta sims” because I believe execution outperforms sims 99% of the time.