I’m a horde and I don’t matter

I agree that there shouldn’t be any intentional carrot for either. But I don’t disagree when you say this has been a slow tipping of the scales of PvP oriented players preferring Horde. Blizz should do something to entice Alliance players to participate in BGs; but given the lack of interest in PvP Alliance side in Retail over the last few years even with some hefty bonuses, what would it even take?

I just wanted to say that I respect you for having ethics and sticking to them.

I agree that this is not good for the alliance population and I am worried that my 61% horde server will become more imbalanced as time goes on. Especially with changes like this. A balanced PVP server is pretty big to me and it’s what I loved about my server in Classic.

I also really, and I mean really am not a fan of the horde vs horde BGs as I feel it detracts a lot from what this game is built around but yeah I just wanted to post to say that I respect your viewpoint.

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A neuralyzer from men in black to wipe away the established stereotypes associated with alliance and horde. Like I said before the players that wanted to PvP have already been influenced to go horde because of the popular mindset of most. This mindset obviously isn’t baseless since horde obviously have the appearance of the aggressor (zombies, orcs), the faction color being red which means hostility usually in emotion. So even if we did hit horde with the nerf bat it’s still hard to change the casual player that make up the majority.

So there is no fix, nothing at all that could entice the slightly-under-half the player base to increase participation in BGs, or to make blue into an equally enticing option? I rolled Ally originally for TBC and would spend my time in BGs exclusively, and that was when I was super casual. Maybe Mr T needs to come back?

I can see why this is the solution Blizz came to.

I think they could save the alliance just by making the story less hero and more morally gray. Obviously this would only be possible outside of classic tbc like the classic+ blizzard has sent surveys out to people for. If blizzard could stop the alliance being friendly as hell to eachother and have some people that are rigged and jaded to take forefront you’d see gradually more people thinking alliance is a fun name to stand behind rather than wussies like anduin in retail. There’s a reason demon hunters became a class eventually… because illidan was a defective from this holy light too good for thou attitude his people had and that was interesting to players. Same goes for arthas another character who fell from the nauseating throne alliance holds. Sure he didn’t do anything good for anyone but his thought process of whatever the cost (like illidan) creates interesting story dynamics.

Kind of pointless to discuss in this setting but this is why I think subconsciously alliance will always attract the more passive player base because their leadership is passive.

Maybe Alliance needs to have their leadership changed every expac with the leaders becoming cross faction raid bosses for a few expansions. Illidan and Arthas might be great Alliance characters, but they defected long before players showed up. Am actually a fan of Anduin, though. Wouldn’t want to see him turning evil. Could see the worgen guy going bad, I might even go back to retail if I could kill him for loot.

But yeah, I’ve said a number of times that this isn’t my favourite change, but that I can’t pretend that I think it’s a bad thing Horde get to play. I’m hopeful that Blizz will be open to other changes to entice the real blue boys to play, but as it stands, it’s mostly just us zuggers that seem to want to. And I’m not for mandating that people play a faction they don’t enjoy.

shut up you dont pvp

All I do is PvP. KEK. I also play on a PVP server.


why are you complaining then? the ques are instant for both sides now

Because this is good ONLY FOR HORDE at the expense of game quality, the alliance faction as a whole, and the longevity of the game.

Do you seriously want the faction to be 90% horde 10% alliance?

i dont care because i play both sides, so its pretty sweet

So do I… I just think there are better ways to make the queues shorter, without entirely ruining the only incentive people had to play alliance.

my horde mates are having a blast

At the expense of…?

literally no one lmao

stop whining these que times didn’t exist in vanilla tbc, you had 15 years to figure put people prefer horde just like everyone else did. Take seal of blood(w/e the alliance equivalent is) away from alliance paladins and the one for horde paladins then if we really want #nochanges. Stop whining about something that was 15 years in the making by the time this was out everyone knew horde was the place to be plus people tent to prefer it in general(check retail numbers). for every one here saying just reroll alliance then if the ques bother you to much, well keep that same energy when the que times are balanced since its GOING TO RUIN ALLIANCE aight bet reroll horde then and just que against horde like we are.

Well if ur only concern is “what the next step is” then not valid lmao…

Which means…we
re gonna watch the small group of Alliance players on pvp servers just disappear and call it a win since que times will be down. Shoulda had faction pop limits from the start.

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They could just disable racials in BG’s/Arena so it’s an equal playing field regardless of race/faction. But that wont happen. It would still leave horde pretty dominant in wpvp. But that feels pretty appropriate.

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