I’m a horde and I don’t matter

They have no option to balance factions in any kind of short time frame, it would take months or years. They are a company, and whether you like it or not a vast majority of the users play horde. 1hr queues, literally can’t stick around for months or years, while they figure out faction balance.

Was this a perfect solution, absolutely not. But it was the best one available.

LoL, I actually bought a 3 month and a 1 month sub (2 accounts) for TBC Classic, even though I had already quit months earlier because of the changes that I didn’t really agree with.

And then a friend came back, so I thought I’d play with him, and push myself to hope that things would improve.

But they got worse (in my personal opinion at least).

But it’s not a long term solution. It’s a band-aid. It’s a solution that hurts alliance. So I play on pve servers and I was on a server that was like 65/35 alliance dominate server. Now what that causes on a pve server is farm zones are controlled by alliance and so the horde ah has a lot fewer items and the ah will have a ton of items. Alliance has a much healthier and robust economy. This solution would hamstring alliance forever. Players leave alliance and new players will undoubtedly choose horde in greater numbers. This hurts the alliance faction further. And av is still horde alliance only. Av queue will increase drastically.
The problem is it is a solution and I do believe a bad one.
FYI- faction transfers would allow players to correct a player made problem
I believe in fair and fair alone.
I was in a guild who had 2 raid teams and they combined into 1 when aq40 came out cause leaders wanted to make sure we had time and such. I was chosen to be on Main team but instead I refused then left. It wasn’t fair to the other half the raid team so I didn’t go.
This isn’t fair to alliance and that is all that matters. It is a solution to half the people but punishes the other half. That is UNFAIR!
To the alliance I am sorry it’s like this, it’s not fair.


How would this work, you could offer free xfers all day, why would anyone swap from horde TO alliance.

For faster queues!
But it’s exactly that. Why would anyone go alliance? Isn’t that the problem. A 2 faction game and it sucks to be 1 of them so let’s make it even less reason now.

Why would any new person choose alliance?

Alliance dies a miserable death

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All these threads screaming about the sky falling.

Did you all miss this part?

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Cause of EMFH or because they rather have faster queues than OP racials… Not everyone is bound by a guild or friends. Some people just dislike the queue. You just need about 10% of horde to switch to make a huge dent in your queue time.

But yea keep shilling that Merc mode in TBC was the best solution.

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Thank you for your feedback.

I think it was a good move.

Lol oh I know that but let’s be HONEST with each other. Tuesday they remove this NO PROBLEM!
Horde goes back to 1 hour+ queues on Tuesday.
Come look at this comment cause if I remember I will comment to you again so you can see it again. Horde are gonna lose there crap again. Blizzard can’t take this away and tell horde “o well” after showing them the sweet life. Lol.

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If you weren’t bothering with BGs to begin with, this definitely doesn’t affect you. If you’re playing Alliance, it still doesn’t affect you either way. This is something that solely benefits people who were continuing to play Horde. It takes absolutely nothing from Alliance besides their enjoyment in Horde players not being able to play.



Until I see it, I’m going off what they’ve said. Meanwhile, everyone is losing their damned minds on something which hasn’t even happened yet.

No where did I say I believe it won’t be implemented; however, there’s also no where saying it will remain a thing going forward.

It affects alliance long term population. Which READ ALONG and you’ll see points about economy and long term effects of having people playing an MMorpg. It’s ok it’s true I don’t matter in things but blizzards decision making effects my potential happiness with the game. Sometimes you don’t like people’s choices and it ca burn one out on the matter as a whole.
Empathy and standards.

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So you like sitting in 1 hour+ queues just for ONE game. What is wrong with you.

I don’t like sitting at red lights but that doesn’t mean I can just drive through them.
Just cause something solves this problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t create other problems. It’s just creating a problem for someone else. That’s the problem.
Bad solution.

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Lmao what even is that analogy??


Nah, as usual. Alliance had minimal empathy for Horde when BG queues were the hot button topic of the week, and now that a fix that does absolutely nothing to hurt them is in the game, they have been whining non stop.

Alliance needs a better carrot than “we can actually play the game!” And I’m all for them getting that carrot. But I’m not gonna pretend this fix hurts them.

People love pulling in boring chore or job examples, as if that helps their case.

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Lol that’s an apples and oranges comparison, red lights take one minute maximum? Not even that a majority of the time. This change does not even impact the alliance, their queue times will remain the same. Their population will remain the same because most people are not that sweaty to drop their friends and guild to start at level 1 and go all the way to 70 and gear JUST for better racials. People who cared about racials are already playing horde.

But it’s not apples to oranges. It’s me deciding it’s a solution to my problem and the others around me don’t matter. If you can’t see the effects this will have then you have no ability to see well enough ahead to see the problems. First and foremost I never once said anything about alliance queue times I agree they won’t change. The change will come in server imbalance and economy. Simply that. Unarguable those will happen.


The crying will be louder than anything this forum has ever seen if blizzard let them eat the cake then told them they couldn’t have it too.

Honestly I hope it happens I want to see the chaos, but it would definitely result in extreme anger and canceled subs you can be sure.

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