[H]Zul'jin<Range Five> CE Roster open 7/10M Tues/Wed 7-10pm EST

Poggers :smiley:

Chicken squad is here

Need some good quality raiders still, hit up one of the officers for a good time, both in and out of raid!

Need more Rdps for tuesday

Still looking for more peeps

Still looking!

Oh. Well…hello there. Please join and also come heal my keys. Kthanx

Lighters needs a partner for spicy chicken cleave

There is plenty of time left to season 1, and with so many active people it’s the perfect time to start somewhere new. Not only do we have people aggressively seeking KSM, Raid Progression, and clearing Tor’s Twisted Corridors, but engage in PvP as well. Even off raid nights you will have guildies looking to do content.

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bwak people bwak

Aotc next week get ready

Here and ready

Lf a shammy still, and some ranged so I can finally go on the bench!

swoogidy swoogidy swoogidy, come here and give me dat booty

Gimme that resto shaman to keep me alive on fights pls.

gimme moar Apps plz

Going for AOTC, looking for healer looking to heal

I want a healer looking to let you die personally, more deeps for me

Rumored the GM bakes and sends everyone cookies here

Still looking