[h][zul’jin] <reserves> casual aotc guild is opening recruitment for next raid tier


As we’re now Post-AOTC, Reserves is opening recruitment for new members. We hope to recruit competent DPS players for the next raid-tier and begin casual mythic progression in the meantime.

We are a small guild and community recruiting anyone interested in having fun on Zul’jin - Horde .

Our main goal, as a guild, is to build and develop our community.

Secondary Goals

Our secondary goal and end-game focus as a guild is achieving AOTC every raid tier AND in a timely manner(3-6 weeks expectation for the Achievement).

Our leadership and founding members are all mythic raiders wanting to take the expansion casually for now as we build the guild. We are in need of competent heroic skilled raiders for our raid team, but we encourage any and all applications. We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00 - 10:00 CST.
We’re specifically interested in the specs listed below:
Aff Lock
Fire Mage


Other interests our players have for Post-AOTC are testing our limits in M+ dungeons and pushing Raider IO scores. We also have a few people interested in Arenas and BGs. We will continue to clear heroic every week.

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in the guild:
Discord- Veloletum#6175
Btag- Veloletum#1170
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