[H][Zul’jin] 8/10M| T/W 8-11pm EST | TGC recruiting Warlock & RDPS w/ Heal OS for CE

The Golden Company is now recruiting! We are currently 8/10M. We are aiming for Cutting-Edge and located on Zul’jin, Horde-side. Our group was built with two goals in mind: The first is to build a community of people we enjoy raiding with. The second goal is to achieve CE.

Here is what you can expect from us: While we do aim for Cutting-Edge each tier, we are not a hardcore guild. Raid spots are competitive, but we will not be replacing someone after a few bad nights. Our goal is to build a team of people we enjoy playing with and to that end we prefer to help someone improve rather than replacing them. If we find someone that performs well and they mesh with the group, we will stop recruiting for that spec or class. This does not mean your spot is 100% secure but if you are consistently performing well, we will not be looking to replace you. There is always a better player to be found and we do not want to constantly churn people out. We want to build a solid core of players that sticks together and helps each other.

Our primary goal is to have fun and create a friendly environment, this means avoiding toxicity and bad attitudes. This guild is also open and accepting to LGBTQ+ players. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism. We will not tolerate any discrimination on those or any other grounds.

----- Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm EST
Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm EST

----- Requirements:
Attendance is important. We run a tight roster of 24 players and expect 90% or greater attendance; we understand life happens; we just require you to inform us as soon as possible in consideration of the other players in the group. Note: Attendance requirements are higher for trials, tanks, and healers.

We require the ability to adapt to situations during a raid, as well as take constructive criticism outside of the raid. We do in-depth log analysis and like to discuss things to help both the raid and you become better. A positive attitude is also a must, progressing in mythic will require patience and dedication.

Currently recruiting players that are at least 4/10M and preferably 6/10M+ with an item level of 220+.

----- Loot:
We use personal loot as master loot is no longer in the game and the drama from trying to implement a pseudo master loot is not worth the hassle in our opinion. Loot that you want to trade is distributed via RC Loot Council.

----- Current Needs:

(even if your class/spec is not listed, exceptional applicants will always be considered)


Healers (prefer with DPS OS):
Paladin – Low
Shaman – High (Looking for 5th healer with elemental OS)
Druid – Low
Priest – Low
Monk – Low

Ranged DPS:
Hunter – Medium
Shadow Priest – Medium
Warlock – High
Mage – Medium
Balance Druid - Medium
Elemental Shaman – High (Looking for 5th healer, capable of flexing)

Melee DPS:
Demon Hunter – High (Looking for next tier)
Warrior – Low
Rogue – Low
Death Knight – Low
Shaman – Low
Monk - Low

If you are interested in us, please add me, and we can discuss bringing you into a future raid!

Bittersteel (GM) - Discord (Bittersteel#4096) or Battlenet (Bittersteel#1826)


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Killing Xy’mox tomorrow night!

Still recruiting

still got room? name is weedcadet on zul’jin

Sorry! Just saw this, will get in touch with your shortly.

Veng dh here! Very interested…added you on discord

Need a new brewmaster ASAP!

Still Needing Bodies

sent a bnet add. tried to add you on discord, but the name could not be found.

my own bnet is dsmcub#1136

Council is down!

Still recruiting

Sludgefist is dead and we are in high need of a warlock as we work on SLG & Sire!

Still recruiting

Still looking for a reliable warlock or two!

Still recruiting