[H]<Zero Ultra> Recruiting for core raid team

Zero Ultra
Core Raid Recruitment
We are open for the following:
All Applicants will be evaluated on a case by case basis

Zero Ultra Loot system
We use suicidekings loot system with separate lists for tier, misc, and weapons.

Zero Ultra Raid times
Saturday MC+ONY 5:00-9PM SERVER TIME
BWL Sundays 5-9pm SERVER TIME

Want to join Zero Ultra ?
Discord message Hz#1337 for any further questions. (Joining, loot rules, guild atmosphere, etc)
I am willing to pay for server xfer for the right players.

Faster clears, easy epics.

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Spots are limited.

top of the list

bumpey time for the little raid ofc

Bump it like its hot

We are still recruiting, contact me on discord Hz#1337