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US - Fairbanks


8/8 BWL since week one.

Ranked within top 15 of numerous MC boss kill speeds for Phase 1&2 Rankings for Fairbanks


ZANCOR is a semi-hardcore guild that maintains a relaxed, yet focused and efficient raid environment. We’re all adults who show up each week to have fun, slay bosses, and get loot. We strive to maintain a culture of constant improvement, working to make each following raid week better and faster than the last. We’re home to both veterans and newbies alike, teaching everyone how to play their character the most optimal way and to work toward the biggest improvement for the raid team.


Our leadership team is very focused on creating the best member experience possible. You won’t be another face lost in a guild housing 4 or 5 raid teams being exploited by leadership to drag their alts through for easy gear or to become feeders for the guild’s “elite” team. We run two raid teams that we work hard to keep at EQUAL strength and skill/experience. That way no one is getting left behind and we can all enjoy this game together.


Raid Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30pm-11pm Server time (PST)

Monday(Cleanup raid) 8:30-10:30

Most content is cleared on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving plenty of time to farm and pvp.



We use a hybrid EPGP and Loot council system. Extremely rare BiS items like Trinkets and Weapons are on lootcouncil, while other pieces like tier, armor, rings, and necks are distributed via EPGP.

Further explanation/clarification of our loot policy can be found within our raid team application.


Recruitment Needs

High Priority: Healers(Shaman ++), Fury Warriors, Warlocks

Medium Priority: Mage, Spriest, Hunter, Tanks/Offtank

Low Priority: Enhance Shaman, Rogue


If we sound like a good home and you’re interested in joining feel free to grab us on discord here: https://discord.gg/PC9TQv4

Or drop us an app here and an officer will contact you on discord or in game shortly: https://forms.gle/4g7enjYeR1VY7vUJ8

If you have any additional questions feel free to hit up a recruitment officer on bnet @ Fl1pzomg#1101, AKApocalypse#1822, teranoid#1446


bumpasaurus rex

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There’s still time to get in on raid rosters for tomorrow!

Humpdy Bumpdy

Just a few healers shy of a very capable and healthy second bwl team.