Hypothetical: A TBC+ server. What would you change while keeping it balanced?

What on earth makes you think disc priests aren’t viable? PI says hello.

When in groups, the bubble can prevent them from getting rage while being hit and for Paladins would be prevented from having the heals give them back mana.

This would prevent the rage starvation that can happen (Especially if the priest is decently geared) .

Philosophical changes:

  1. You have to address the fact that the game is fundamentally based on an ever increasing player power and level cap. It’s not sustainable forever, and having abandoned content (previous expansions and tiers) just feels terrible. I’m not sure what would replace it, though. At least be willing to release tiers of content where not everything is a massive upgrade from the previous tier.

  2. While keeping things balanced in terms of power level, devs should focus on making sure each class feels unique, and that it’s unique abilities feel important. That means (for example), if you want to have access to summons, you should need to have a warlock. If you want access to portals, you should need to talk to a mage. Yes yes, “bring the player not the class” in terms of overall balance, but you should still want at least one of each class ideally.

  3. Don’t try to recreate technical limitations of the past. Remove debuff caps and artificial spell batching.

Not a change, but

  1. Create a link between modern and classic WoW. Maybe have them cover the same areas of the lore in each timeframe. In modern WoW, hint that something happened regarding a particular character, then have that actual event happen in Classic a tier or two later. Have some event happen in Classic, and then have Modern players deal with some of the fallout from that event.

How does this make disc priest not viable though? Disc priests aren’t hurting to find groups, at all. What makes bringing a holy priest better than bringing a disc priest?

  1. Add the “sated” debuff into the game to prevent LWer- Drums stacking from being a thing.

  2. Give the tank and dps paladin seals to both factions of paladin (ie alliance ret get seal of blood)

  3. All class/spec pvp gear has resilience on it. (Ret gear in OG vanilla didn’t until season 3)

  4. Some kind of incentive for people to actually play as Alliance so queu times aren’t even worse than vanilla/classic.

  5. Undead Paladins and Hunters (because I don’t want to be a disgusting elf and orc)

Make Shammy tanking a thing similar to Paladin tanking. I don’t care of both classes can be played on both factions, but I feel that Shammy tanking would have been interesting passed Vanilla. Idk if it was a thing in TBC or not.

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i’d just remove stupid nerfs they did to all the classes. One that really pissed me off when Demonology Warlock was nerfed and soul link went down to 15%.

Here is an upgrade that they could do to Classic and I don’t think they would have a single complaint…

Allow Taurens on mounts to fit through the Undercity elevator entrance doors. It is seriously not cool how Tauren’s have to dismount from their Kodo’s to get into the elevator when everyone else just rides on in.

Oh look, a completely buff me bro, nerf everyone else post that would ruin TBC for a heap of people.

TBC is fine, people just need to change their mindset about what balance actually is.

where did I give a single nerf?

At what point is asking for the ability to actually use my abilities indoors or the ability to actually use potions or not have Resto/Balance druids be an effective RPM Team one man army against ferals too much?

Edit: Except for mentioning SL/SL Warlocks which are massively overpowered at endgame.

No, there should be no class balance changes.

Bug/exploit fixes sure. But class balance is a no.

My change: Blizzard needs to fix the fly/teleport hacking that is rampant right now.


But TBC had class balance changes throughout the expansion. So yes, class balance has to be a part of it as that was the original TBC experience.

I played BE Disc Priest as a pvper, raided a little as a hunter and warlock.

I wouldn’t change anything.

Remove all passive/active racial abilities from arena. I’m honestly very surprised this hasn’t happened on retail.

It feels bad playing a race you don’t like the aesthetic/animations of just to get some better ability. It feels cheesy winning arena games because you have X racial. It feels awful losing games to teams who have better racial abilities.

The only “class” balance I would consider would be blind not being physical. I think it was meant to hurt druids but hurt shamans a lot.

Arena wise limit food/water or add a special food at start of each match(a stack of 20), making all other food/water not usable.

test a small 3-5% resilience nerf

That’s as far “balance” wise I would go. The rest would be QOL stuff that focus’s on fun/player interaction. Not a fan of playing dress up or not Pokemon

add custom arena modes. Like many FPS/fighter games let users add custom items ,limit food/water, timer, Dampening ,option to remove racial’s etc If something sticks maybe add to rated

Wow has had arena zones but are risky as others can interfere regardless of faction. which made me think of ways you can expand the 1v1 duel format

  • add party duels
  • a neutral zone/ area like Negrad arena allowing players to duel horde/alliance alike. or in an arena like setting sever side letting players match and play. This would be cool to watch and participate
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This also has impacts in PvE. I never did unserstand why Blzzard gave racials that became so important that you almost had to build a class of that race.

Like Dwarf Priests, they are the only combo with Fear ward. Why?

I agree. Remove all racials from TBC altogether. Let priests pick 1 major and 1 minor priest-specific racial from the pool. Etc. Devouring Plague/Desperate Prayer/Starshards/Hex of Weekness major, Shadowguard/Touch of Weekness/Feedback/Consume Magic minor.

Racials just feel bad. I am literally throwing potentially HUNDREDS of TBC arena rating in the garbage by playing Night Elf Hunter in TBC. I already have a 60 Dwarf Hunter leveled just for TBC, and ONLY for the ability to Stoneform and the 1% gun crit. I think the aesthetic is worse, the animations are worse, gear looks worse on them, and they HAVE to use a gun in S3/S4 or you’re nerfing yourself, and I HATE guns/engineering things in a high fantasy game.

Racial bonuses are one of the worst things ever added to this game.

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Draebei got it in TBC aswell.

Vanilla had class balance as well, and was still a no.

If they do progression patches to classes that were the original BC patches then sure. But it shouldn’t be changed outside of that.

Your logic is like saying “they had LFG in vanilla (a very different version than what retail has) so classic should have retail LFG and LFR”

It’s a flawed logic.

If they make a wow 2 TBC, then sure. But anything classic, classic TBC. Exc should not have class balance changes outside of the scope of what the original did.

Bug fixes and addressing exploits are fine. Rebalancing the classes is not.