[Hydraxis] <Out of Exile> 6/9M LFM DPS for Mythic Progression

Out of Exile is a semi-hardcore guild looking for competitive and dedicated raiders for ATDH. We have a very solid core group of raiders, but we are looking to fill a few gaps and continue to make a deep push in mythic for the remainder of this tier and into next season. We maintain a fun and social atmosphere while still having a serious progression raid team.

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
9pm-11:30pm EST

Current Progression:

ATDH: 9/9H, 6/9M

Recruitment Needs:

Melee- Rogue, Enhance Shaman priority. Open to all.
Ranged- No specific priority. Open to all.
Healers- No specific priority. Open to all.
Tanks- Main Tanks closed. Priority on OS tanks.

We will never overlook players who are interested. Even if your class isn’t listed above, feel free to still reach out.


-Staying up to date on your class/spec- understanding of your class, changes to it, current meta, willing to play multiple specs, etc.
-Attendance - around 85% and on time. We believe that real life comes first and understand when things come up, but we are looking for consistency overall.
-Willingness to learn from mistakes and take constructive feedback
-Team first attitude- dps and hps are not all that matters, willing to learn and do mechanics for the betterment of the team
-Run M+ regularly- we are not looking for 3k io from everyone, but the ability to run high keys consistently to better gear yourself to not slow down progression. Almost all of our raiders and officers run them regularly.

Recruitment Contacts:

Fallenembers (Discord: fallen_34; bnet: Gotti27#1791)
Zultan (bnet: Raiden#1883)