[H]WTB TOEP & Robe of volatile power

Hey there , i am looking for a guild that is willing to sells those 2 pieces in Mc , hit me up in game to discuss about payment and schedule.


Would you wanna join a guild that runs it?

I have both and willing to sell for tree fiddy.

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lol we have seen 1 toep drop since October

I dont think we’ve ever seen the robes since october lol

There you have it disco, as you can see you’re basically asking to “raid with a guild” for months due to the rarity of it. I’ve only seen three TOEP drop since the beginning of wow. GL

can i just ask why you even want the robes for your priest? or will it be a caster alt?

Need 10 character : Up

Bump for my boy

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no toep drops since my last post