[H]<Warsong Vanguard>WPvP/RPvP & PvE Celebrating 8 years!

Hello everyone,

Our previous recruitment thread has capped/is old for the third time so here’s a new one.

So, let me tell you about our community as we are currently in open recruitment for our 2 guilds on Tichondrius US Horde, for Season 4 of Shadowlands and for Dragonflight

Who are we?

We are Warsong Vanguard . We’re an established power house World PvP/Rated PvP/Progression PvE guild led by a multi-class 2k+ exp leader. and 2k Co-GM’s. Antorus 11/11M Cutting Edge, Uldir 7/8M, Nyalotha 11/12M, 8/10M CN, 8/10M SoD, 11/11H SoF. We’ve run over 500+ For The Horde runs; small, medium, and large scale World PvP and much more. We’re currently opening our doors to our 2 guilds Warsong Vanguard and Warsong Cartel. We’re a great gaming community with absolutely amazing people who go above and beyond to help people in need. We’ve been around for over 7.5 years!

Raid Team Recruitment:

Limited Raiders
Days: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-9:00PM Server
Looking for: Currently Not Recruiting
CN: 10/10H, SoD: 1/10M, SoF: 11/11H
Plans: Normal → Heroic AOTC / See how far we get in Mythic

Wrong Hole Raiders
Days: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm-10:00PM Server
Looking for: 1 Ranged DPS: Mage, Ele, 2 healers: Rsham, evoker, or hpal
Plans: Heroic AOTC → Mythic

RGB Team Recruitment:

Days:Thursdays, Fridays 6:30pm Server start time
Looking for: 2 healers, non evoker

What do we do?

We do a little bit of everything! But here is a list of the majority of the activities we do and offer:

  • World PvP.
  • Rated Battlegrounds.
  • Rated Arenas.
  • Guild War-games for gold and prizes.
  • Normal, Heroic and Mythic+ dungeon runs.
  • Constant normal BG farming for new and returning players.
  • PvP training for new and returning players.
  • Guild PvP Tournaments for gold, prizes, pets, etc.
  • Raiding
  • Gank protection. (We form groups to help lowbies being camped by higher levels, and etc.)
  • Old school raid farming for transmogrification gear.
  • WoW Token giveaways. (When available.)
  • Leveling help, bags, 100+ gold repairs, etc for new players.
  • TMog Contests (Gold Prizes)
  • Drunkin Gliders Event (Gold Prizes)
  • Soon to be Guild Dragon Racing events (Gold Prizes)
  • And much more!

What is required in terms of Voice Com and Add-ons?

We require you use the basic and simple PvP/PvE addons when grouping with our core groups.


  • Battleground Enemies - RPvP Department
  • Gladius - RPvP Department
  • Greenwall (it merges all guild chats and is useful)
  • Healers have to die * Nameplate Cooldowns - RPvP Department
  • DBM or BigWigs for PvE Raid teams

Voice Comms: Discord

Do we HAVE to attend certain events?

No, but we do ask you to help and or join in when you can. There are many guilds who will kick you out of the guild for not attending events such as World PvP and other events. We do not condone this, as everyone pays to have fun and play their game. If you’re able to attend great, if not then no hard feelings, maybe next time. When we host World PvP events, we do require you to get on Discord to follow directions and listen to targets being called out.

Do we have any rules?

Yes, we have a listing of rules on our website. However we keep it pretty simple, and most are as follows and keep in mind we do NOT tolerate the following:

  • Trolling in general, in guild chat or trade chat, etc.
  • Racism, or racist jokes in and out of guild chat which also includes Discord and open world channels.
  • Spamming, no creating/starting drama, and we do not tolerate childish attacks of peoples’ Real Life.
  • We have a 0 tolerance rule system and we only give warnings once.

How can we join the guild?

You can whisper anyone and ask for an officer. Only officers, and Warlords can invite to either one of our guilds.

Please keep in mind, each guild does a bit everything, however this is a quick list of what they do:

Warsong Vanguard - Core WPvP/Rated PvP/PvE Progression (Level 50+only accepted.)

Warsong Cartel - Currently Leveling guild for level 1-40.

Our 6 year anniversary video:

Drunkin Glider Event:

Mythic Argus, Cutting Edge video

Visit us at www.WarsongVanguard.com or you can also visit our YouTube @ www.youtube.com/WarsongVanguardofTichondrius


I joined WSV early in Legion. I was blown away with the guild members willingness to help returning players get up to speed. I didn’t play much at this time but found myself able to group for anything I wanted to do. Conversely, I never felt like I was required to participate in events.
During Shadowlands I started playing more often and joined one of the guild heroic raid teams. I took over as raid team leader at the beginning of season 2. I now enjoy leading core and new members through mythic + dungeons and raid content.
We are always looking for friendly new members. No matter your skill level, there is a place for you in WSV.


I joined WSV in 2015. I cannot stress this enough, their community is their strongest feature. Lots of amazing people who go out of their way to help others and have fun. I’ve made life long friends here and got to grow as a player and get better at the game thanks to them. If you value community, this is the guild for you!


In the words of the Greatest of All Time: Tom Brady - “LETS F##@%##G GO!”


Best Horde Guild ever been in!!!


Joined this guild years ago.

In late 2020, I got ambitious and decided to start a normal/heroic raid team within the guild. At first, I was worried no one would want to join. After all, this guild was rooted in PVP. Luckily I was delightfully surprised and we had amazing turnout. Even though our raid composition was totally scuffed at first (imagine 6 ret pallies) we moved through the raid content and had a blast.

Here we are now, 2 years later and the raid team is still going strong, achieving AOTC every tier since. I stepped down a while back and have been very proud of those who stepped up to lead, fuste, zoloman, Zeakson, and everyone else who helps out. It really is something special that they have kept it going all this time. Bringing in a ton of new people and still keeping a solid core that is friendly and helpful.

Great guild! Can’t wait for season 4 raids!


How are you guys on Casual gamers? I’ve been playing WoW since 2004(release) off and on… now I got kiddos and work a ton. I arena/M+ when I can, between work meetings during the day. Do you guys have active people during the day?


Any type of player is welcome here, from causal to hardcore pushers.

I feel most of our active folks are on 5-9pm server. It’s a bit quieter in the day!


We have active people at all hours of the day and are very casual gamer friendly. Many of my friends in the guild only level alts and farm mounts. Others are more focused on pushing their Mythic + score.


Awesome! I’ll add you and Inenta to my friends list and ask for an invite.


Haven’t heard from you in game! If you can’t catch on at the same time you can also apply via the guild finder and look us up and we can accept that too! :smiley:

I also want to say for everyone else. SEASON 4 GANG!! Pretty hyped


Are you guys still recruiting?
Edit: I joined. nevermind


Been with WSV going on 6yrs! Loved every minute of it! All types of players are welcome, even filthy causal’s such as myself! :slight_smile:


Bumping the thread!


Got to see some guild dungeon streaming on Twitch awesome to watch ty!!

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I haven’t seen a single WSV member in Warmode since Shadowlands started.

You should remove the '‘WPvP’ from recruitment… don’t mislead people.


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What’s a WSV recruitment thread without our resident Owlcapwn reply!

Now it’s perfect! Thank you owl!


Doing a fresh bump here :3!


Bump for new peoples who are returning for DF or new in general.


are you guys EST?
willing to accept 2 players a 232 Brewmaster & 230 Hunter?

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