[H][US][Zul’jin] Zero Fox Given - 10/10H 1/10M All-Vulpera Raiding Guild

[H][US][Zul’jin] Zero Fox Given - 10/10H 1/10M All-Vulpera Raiding Guild

Mission Statement: Zero Fox Given launched the day Vulpera were added to the game in 8.3, with our primary goal being AotC with an all-fox casual raid team. Since then, we’ve achieved that goal twice, conquered many an M+ key on the side and overall built a fantastic, friendly community with regular guild contests and a very active Discord. In Shadowlands, we’re aiming to maintain all of the above, in addition to expanding toward a bit of early Mythic raiding (first few bosses). Non-foxes are welcome for the Mythics and post-progression alt runs, but our primary AotC progress each tier is always done with a full Vulpera comp (and the added challenge that comes with those class limitations).

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm Eastern/Server

Raid Needs: The roster still has room for a couple of DPS.

Contacts: If you like the concept and are looking for a fun drama-free group to hang out with, we may be the home for you! Feel free to contact us using our BTags - Sakura#1195, Megan#1925 or Anzak#1414. Alternatively, you can now also look us up on the new Guild Finder. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bump for visibility. Great group of people who got me started on my endgame progression!

Still looking for more, planning ahead for 9.1 Sanctum raiding! Any DPS spec welcome.

Slowing down the raiding pace until 9.1 - but plenty of room left for then (for DPS). Some join the fox-filled fun!