[H][US][Silvermoon] <Snakes On A Zeppelin> Looking for DPS for DF Raid


Silvermoon is connected to Drak’Thul, Mok’Nathal, Borean Tundra, Hydraxis, Shadowsong, Skywall, and Terenas.

Snakes is a newly formed guild of experienced raiders (AoTC) and M+ (KSM) from another guild. As we are all working adults with varying schedules, we are not a serious progression guild. This does not mean that our members are not expected to perform or we are casual.

As a guild, our focus is doing activities together. By working together we are able to ensure everybody can obtain AoTC and KSM each season.

Days: Tues, Fri (tentative), and Sunday
Time: 1800 PST / 2100 EST

High Priority:

  • non-priest healer
  • havoc DH
  • balance druid

Medium Priority:

  • ret paladin with holy OS
  • non-tank warrior

No Priority:

  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Tanks

Low Priority:

  • All classes not otherwise specified

These are for raid positions, only. We are accepting all players for casual, M+, and PvP irrespective of class, spec, or playstyle.

BTag: LordYimman#1111
Discord: Yimman#0530