[h][us][mal’ganis]amigos for life are lf new bros for life! 11/12m tu+thu+sun 8-11(est)

Our raid times are

Tuesday 8pm-11pm EST

Thursdays 8pm-11pm EST

Sunday 8pm-11pm EST

We need reliable raiders to finish our cutting edge push and prepare for shadowlands :smiley:

Completely open to classes as long as you have skill and can listen in raid (pls have logs / raid exp)

Contact me on battle.net pinksocking#1405 or on discord pinksocking#1174


Amgios for Life are made up of different friends we’ve met over the strange 15 year journey that has been wow. We’re a bunch of nerds that don’t take our selves too seriously and don’t mind beating our heads into a wall for some loot.

Sorry Ragnoras bros - we are all English amigos from the US lol