[H][US][Illidan]<TMDM>10/10M W/Th/Sun 9-12pm CST

Hello everyone!

About US: Trash Mob Death Machine or TMDM for short is a multi Cutting Edge guild that has obtained Cutting Edge in every tier since Siege of Orgrimmar. We’ve been actively raiding on Illidan since BC, but the guild has been around since the vanilla days. We’re a very stable raid environment if flaky guilds aren’t your thing.

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs/Sunday 9-12pm CST. We DO NOT require alts, and we do not add more days. We have optional raid days that you can attend for more heroic clears if wanted, but nothing outside of the initial 9 hours is mandatory. We stick to a strict 9 hour week.

What we’re looking for:
Ranged: Warlock, Mage, Shadow, Elemental and Balance.
Melee: Warrior(Both), Windwalker, Havoc, and Enhance
Healer: All

Any capable & exceptional players are strongly urged to apply regardless of what’s listed above.

What we expect from you: We expect you to show up on time with knowledge of how your class should be played in a fight. Attendance at 95% or higher is highly preferred and can affect your status in the guild if not maintained. Stable internet, and the ability to inform us ahead of time if you’re going to be late or unable to attend via discord/text/etc. We’re NOT looking for people who are planning on joining, and then leaving mid tier, or just ghosting. We would appreciate it if you stayed until the tier is over if you plan on leaving. We base our raid around not only a stable roster of players, but also around having a good raid atmosphere, and environment. We do not want people being toxic, or elitist towards others and/or the guild.

What you can expect from us: You can expect a very stable raiding environment. We’ve been an active raiding guild since BC, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon so we’re about as stable as it comes. We’re a generally very relaxed guild who doesn’t intend to push rankings and put up with elitism of the people who think they’re too good for us. We joke around a decent amount so some thick skin is a plus, but we focus when it’s needed for bosses. We also expect you to be able to sit if need be without throwing a tantrum or getting mad. The roster is larger than 20, and some people WILL be sat. You can also expect CE in any given future tier as we have proven time and time again that we’re extremely capable of consistently achieving it without falling apart.

Required addons:

  • Boss mod of your choice (DBM/BigWigs/etc…)
  • Method Raid Tools (ERT)
  • WeakAuras
  • Angry Assignments

Where you can contact us:
Bnet - Ersanth#1292
Website - https://www.tmdmguild.com/apply.php

Still looking! If you join in the next 30 seconds we’ll also throw in this bag of air, for free!

Still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking for new members

Updating what we are looking for!

Still looking for new members!

Looking again, new recruit needs.

Recruitment is still open for this tier!

Looking for new raiders still!

Still looking for new raiders :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Recruitment is still open for the tier! Come join and get your AOTC and a cool mount!!

Still looking for new raiders for the tier.

Recruitment is open again! Come join us for 9.2

Just got our 13th CE, come join us!

Still recruiting, dps and healer applications welcome!