[H][US][Hyjal] <From Nothing> Re-roll Project - looking for members

any decision on faction yet? im interested in joining up.

come join us in discord. active voice chat, running some old raids for transmog!

Come join us

This sounds like it could be just what I’ve been looking for. Just sent a discord friend request - I’m Raihne#9497

very interested!

What faction have you settled on?

Hey Naya et all,

We have decided on a faction and server!

Faction: Horde
Server: Hyjal

We’ll be having a soft launch for all those who can make it during this next week with a larger “let’s go” launch next weekend. Go ahead and send me a discord message (mogs#7397) if you are interested! Or let us know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for the interest all!

Discord is blowing up, come on in and chat with us in discord :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bump!

still looking for more

Thanks Mattayo!

good evening

Interested in the reroll, sent a friend request as it would not let me DM to mogs#7397 to join up in disc

Good people, good times, come make some new friends.

Good place to hang out and have some good laughs.

When is the start date for the reroll or can we start now and just join up?

Heya! We’ve got a “soft launch” tonight, and will be doing a larger “go” this coming weekend. That being said, you’re welcome to just come and join up. Add me on Discord if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

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Soft launch today, come on by and get to know some fellow WoW nerds and some WoW newcomers.

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Hi - I rolled a character on Hyjal and would be interested in joining ur guild - in game Syrenath

Active and fun group of folks