[h][us][area-52] <unprotected hex> fri/sat 9pm-12am (est) 3/10M

Friday/Saturday - Raid @ 9pm - 12am (EST) 10/10H**


Raid Nights

Friday/Saturday - Raid @ 9pm - 12am (EST) – 7PM-12AM(PST)
optional off nights


  • Solid Tank
  • Holy Pal
  • Resto Sham
  • MM Hunter
  • Fire Mage
  • Spriest

is a Horde guild on Area-52 that is a 2 raid team guild. We have a growing and active discord/community where we run M+ and more raiding on off nights! If you are looking for a fun, casual environment to better your gameplay and farm heroic on the weekends, then come apply for our weekend team! We have a boosting community where guildies can sell or boost runs!

Our weekend team is clearing heroic and looking to start mythic prog in about 1 week. Our weekend team will be a fast progging team built with members who have mythic experience but have either been in a dying raid team or similar experiences. This team understands it needs to take a step backward to go 2-3 steps forward. Just like the main team I built, we started a month ago, cleared normal/heroic and here we are 5/10M. I plan my weekend team to move just as fast if not faster since we have main alts as well as top-tier raid strategies.

Our main team is 5/10 M and is CE-focused and quickly progressing we are looking to start a 2nd mythic team. We started back In Jan 2021. Learn more about us in our discord.

Join our discord to apply https://discord.gg/Ec3Qy9Kf5S make sure when filling out the application you checkbox that you want to join the Weekend team…

rising sun blinding eye

moving on up to the top side

3/10 down! Lets go!

lady dies tonight!!

Who else is trying to pump during the weekend?