[H][US-Zul'Jin] <Neon> 10/12M T/Th 7:30 - 10:30 PM EST

Neon is back in business in prep for Shadowlands.

[H] US-Zul’Jin
Revamping a classic and reforming for the purpose of delivering a fun environment and still maintaining CE each tier. Led by previous US 20 raiders, we’re looking to remain on a strict 2 day a week schedule while still maintaining CE each tier.

About Us:
This guild was formed with the goal of building a 20 man family. We aim to make sure our guild is a fun place for members where the leadership focuses on transparency. Our goal is to make sure our raiders understand why we’re struggling and what issues we’re facing. In the end, we’re all on the same team.

We are a super laid back group of people; even during progression. We feel that a guild should be something outside of just raiding. We actively host Key Runs, Alt Runs, Achievement Runs, and enjoy playing other games.

In the end, this is just a video game. We’re all here to have fun and get the fattest loot. Real life is a b**** and sometimes it gets in the way of that. As long as you’re vocal with the leadership team (more than an hour heads up), we understand needing to miss.

Raid Schedule:
Tues 7:30 - 10:30 PM EST
Thurs 7:30 - 10:30 PM EST

We are recruiting a Tank and Ranged DPS to finish out our mythic roster and snag CE before Shadowlands!

DPS Classes:
All Ranged DPS

Blood DK
Prot Warrior
Brewmaster Monk

GM: Diodude#1325
Officer: Distonement#1701
MDPS Officer: Blare#1300
Healing Officer: Zero#116370

Bumping post! Awesome guild with very talented, but incredibly laid back group of folks!

Bump this bad boy up. I need some ranged DPS competition out here, at least more than two of us

Need more bumps, need more RPDS!

There are times like this during the COVID pandemic where all that one player can do is bump a guild recruitment thread.

We’d love to trial a tank tomorrow c:

Tanks are cool. So are RDPS! Looking for anyone interested to trial and burn through a quick run this evening!

Bump, these guys aight

I know there are tanks out there that have been searching for a home. If so come take the spot! Also RDPS are still really sweet.

Fire mage? More like dire mage amirite pls apply

Looking for last few RDPS to finish out our roster for Tuesday!

Still need a tank and some RDPS for mythic Tuesday!

We need one of them there tanks and some RDPS so we can blast 3/12M on Tuesday!

Hey Dio - I’ve sent you a friend request. I’m interested.

First night of raiding (still had to PUG some peeps), we managed to blast 4/12M in about 2 and a half hours. Looking for ranged DPS to be apart of our Hivemind kill on Thursday!

Pull Counts Below:
Wrathion: 2 (Lol ran wrong way)
Maut: 1
Skitra: 2 (That lust reset though)
Shad’har: 11 (Had about 4, 2% wipes)

Join us for Hivemind tonight!

Whose bored and wants to kill M Hivemind/Xanesh tonight?

Hivemind down, that was quick 9 pulls total! Onto Xanesh.

Xanesh down to 30% first night, easily a kill on Tuesday! Still looking for more solid ranged DPS.

Need some bomb RPDS for Mythic on Tuesday!