[H][US] AOTC Rogue LF Active Team For S4 + Dragonflight

About Me:
Hi there! I don’t expect you to read all of this but here goes! I’m an ambitious ex-hardcore Mythic level player turned dad gamer that no longer has the time to push hyper competitive content anymore unfortunately. I haven’t played since early Mythic Castle Nathria progression on my boomkin so I’m still relearning the dungeon mechanics, new M+ routes and bosses/fight optimizations (for logs) in the current raid tier.

I have been back in the game for just over a month at this point and jumped from guild to guild, most are ready for a break or struggling with recruitment during this hiatus/drought and I’m just looking for a team to finally settle in with that enjoys the game and is excited for what’s to come. The month that I have been back I have achieved:

-Catching up on EVERYTHING from Castle Nathria to now campaign wise

-270+ ilvl Havoc DH with double legendary and 4pc, 2.3k M+ score

-AOTC (not carried or bought, legit 2+ weeks of Jailer progression with this current guild and we got the kill as a team)

-265+ ilvl Outlaw rogue with double legendary and 4pc, 2.2k M+ score

-1800 2v2 rating

Needless to say I enjoy pushing my characters and myself, the unfortunate bit is I’m just getting started while others are ready for a break until S4/pre-patch. This has proven difficult as finding reclears of the raid (for gear and parsing opportunities) has been rough.

I’ve cleared the raid exactly twice and my logs are awful, I haven’t had the time and don’t yet have the gear to hyper optimize my DPS for each fight to the degree that those progressing on these bosses did. So my logs are trash… but I’m not, I promise :slight_smile:

Sunday-Thursday: 9pm-1am EST
Friday-Saturday: 9pm-2am EST

My Dream Guild:
-Highly active, social and medium sized (~20-25+ core)

-AOTC every tier/some Mythic progression for fun and gear

-Not burnt out on the game (still reclearing Heroic for alts and fun, maybe attempting some Mythic kills and farming M+ actively awaiting S4/pre-patch)

-Plans to tackle Fated raids in S4 and big plans for Dragonflight as a guild/team

-Memers both in general in Discord and towards each other in voice, super active light hearted and fun environment

-Not serious 99% of the time outside of progression raiding

-Able to take criticism and give criticism and just overall teambuild and improve together without drama

-M+ pumpers (I want to push 3k+ .io this season if possible and definitely in S4 and beyond)

Contact Me
Discord (Preferred): Mord#7895
Battle.net: Mord#11580

I look forward to speaking with you further and hopefully finding a place to finally call home.

Hey Mord - sorry to see you’re looking for a guild again :frowning:
We chatted a while back, I sent you another discord request if you’d like to re-open our old conversation.

All the best,

Hi Mord. We are a new guild creating a team. Looks like our goals and schedule are aligned. Take a look and please reach out on Discord if interested:

Subst#5741 (Discord)
damdifino#5943 (Discord)

Hey man,

Check us out:

Think we’re what you’re lookin for :wink: