Hunters were behind Warriors, Rogues, and Mages in DPS. Why nerf?

People acting like they aren’t in the same rune slot, and none of them beat BM for additional damage.

So it’s just a flat nerf to hunter.


Exactly rofl.

Dudes are insane if they think youre now gonna remove beast rune for chimera shot lmfao.

Yay chimera shot does 15 more damage LOL


imagine being 85 IQ and thinking a warcraft logs chart is the end all be all of game balance…

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Just reinforces that the devs don’t care about actual in game numbers, just forum QQ when it comes to nerfing things. Why nerf the highest performing class when you can nerf the class warriors QQ about instead.


You put so many hours into a class for Blizzard to keep nerfing it to where you suck and game isn’t fun. Not worth trusting them SOD balancing becoming like retail where whining kids who cant balance get to determine the balancing.

Better to put time into other activities Blizzard can’t change on a whim like becoming a doctor or something


Yo what kinda good drugs are you taking?


This is actually untrue.

It was confirmed to be the opposite. Hunter pets deal 75% as much damage to players in WSG, but take 100% full damage. Hunter pets are actually garbage in WSG.


As usual parse brain is a terrible condition. “So what if a wind serpent solo’d players with ease, I CANT WIN ON A LEADERBOARD for level 25 mobs that die in 30-60 seconds! However will I stroke my ego to my competitor- I mean raid members?”

Lmao “games not fun anymore!” yea man I bet all those players had so much fun as my pet solod them at dun garok while I hid inside safely. But oh no, your PARSE right? Thankfully you should be comparing to others of the same class, so you will be fine. Comparing your “parse” to other classes is laughably stupid.


Can confirm it was proven to be untrue and was in an article in WoWhead about it.


This guy is all over the forums. Trying to promote the fallacy that “hunters were buffed” with this patch.

Just ignore him. A hunter hurt him back in 2005 and he’s been salty ever since.

(I was that hunter, sorry)


We know you guys FOTM rolled a hunter because it did giga damage and have no understanding of how classic hunter worked prior. Pets scaling with stats makes them absolutely ridiculously strong (the pet). They compensated the damage loss on the pet by buffs your other abilities and reducing their mana cost (which is a relatively huge) buff.

But yeah, cry more, thanks!


Chimera Shot was originally 125% damage. Bringing it up to 100% damage means it is still nerfed in comparison to to iteration we first saw.

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Though the mana cost reduction of Chimera is nice, It still doesn’t replace the BM Rune for effective DPS. Chimera goes from 73 mana to 47 Mana. This won’t change much. They reverted a small portion of the massive nerf to Chimera in early SoD. Just not enough.

And flanking strike was 18 mana, its now 9. Weeeeeoooooooohhhhhhhwwww. Such a change, so good, much wow.

I’d rather see:

  • Chimera go back to 125 % dmg, mana to around 60

  • Lone wolf go to 20% dmg, remove dead zone, and allow traps in combat.

  • Flanking strike go back to 18 mana, reduces Raptor strike mana by 20%, and double the buff duration.

  • Reduce pet scaling just a bit more, so that the hunter does more dmg and pet does less.

That would create much more engaging and fresh gameplay… But hey, I guess you know better and we should just roll over and take the 13 nerfs since launch with no new emergent gameplay.

Fun on a bun.


Buddy. You know nothing about hunters yourself. Chimera shot, explosive shot, and the beast mastery rune are on the same slot. Explosive shot is a meme. Chimera shot still won’t be taken. This is just a straight pve dps nerf due to players who can’t handle pet ai in PvP.


These changes should have included a small buff to Lone Wolf to make the chimera/explosive runes actually viable.
Even after these changes, I don’t think hunters will take the shot runes over the BM rune.
More needs to do be done to promote alternative hunter play styles.

That being said, they will still be very strong even after these changes.

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The mana reduction was a nice touch but it wasn’t a buff, it was a small compensation, but not enough. This forces hunters to go Marksman, but Marksman is mana heavy, which means raids that don’t perform well, hunters will do worse. Beast Mastery Pets being nerfed 10%, and having their abilities essentially take longer to happen is another nerf. BM is done, it will now perform as well as mages. It’s not enough of compensation, and don’t talk to me about fotm, I rolled hunter to begin with, and have been rolling with the punches. Tuning level 25, when it’s only for another 4 weeks is stupid, and this is why people have already started to quit the game.

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That’s a cool idea, actually.


Acknowledgement that mana sucks in SOD. Rip casters in SOD.

nope, i have a r13 hunter from vanilla classic and was maining a hunter in sod tell i swapped.

My guess would be that it’s twofold:

PVP-related change that intends to encourage less hunter stacking in BGs, and more viability of people who can’t or don’t use CC killing pets or hunter before dying.

PVE-related to give people a better taste of what hunter will be like going forward, while there’s still ample time to reroll before the next phase.